Toko: US XC Nationals Skate Sprint Report

TokoJanuary 7, 2014
Men's Podium
Men’s Podium
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Air temperatures were around 1f at 8am (I say around as the temperature can vary greatly depending on where one measures it).  The snow was similar to yesterday – semi-transformed, staying dry, fast.  Despite temperatures warming up to the mid 20s (in the shade), the snow didn’t change much.  We went with LF Blue/LF Black mix, HF Blue/Xcold powder mix, and covered it all with the same wax as yesterday HB004 powder.  JS Blue also tested very well this afternoon before the sprints.  At that point, a good thing to do would be to rub and polish the JS Blue on top of the HB004 powder that may have already been on the skis.

The weather and conditions made for a glorious day of racing and spectating.  The most common topic of discussion seemed to be what an amazing venue Soldier Hollow is.  Hats off to the volunteers, the organizers, the Soldier Hollow crew who spent so many hours making and distributing our snow, and of course to Mother Nature for the weather!

Dakota Blackhorse von Jess
Dakota Blackhorse von Jess
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