Human Powered Trail Grooming Announces 2015 Product Line

All groomers 25% off until June 1

Groom your own XC ski trail.
Groom your own XC ski trail.

Human Powered Trail Grooming (HPTG), maker of low-cost Nordic trail groomers for the skier who wants to have a private trail unveiled it’s 2015 product lineup. “We sold more groomers than ever this past winter, our 5th, but I want to keep making the groomers better.  I want to keep making it easier to groom your own ski trail”, says owner Peter Foley.

The 2015 skate groomer packs a firmer skate lane by putting more pressure on the snow.  “Most of our skate customers are grooming a skate lane in 3 overlapping passes.  With the 2015 model  you’ll groom your trail in 3 passes but each pass will put 60% more pressure on the snow,“   Foley states.  And we’ve added a consolidation bar that knocks the new snowflake’s sharp ends off so the trail packs better.”

For 2015 the classic groomer has been widened to 30” to provide a better poling surface.

Like the skate groomer the 2015 fat bike groomer has been modified to pack a firmer trail.  It is narrower at 20” wide, comes with a renovation bar, has been modified to hold more weight and leave a combed surface on the trail.

For those who want to pull the groomers with a machine the HPTG website now provides links to the accessories needed to hook your groomer up to a snowmobile or winter ATV.

All groomers are 25% off if ordered before June 1 for shipment this fall.

“This started when I wanted to find a way to ski every day without having to travel far.  I wanted a trail I could walk to and train on easily.  I wasn’t thinking about creating a business.  It turns out a lot of skiers want to groom a couple kilometers right out their door”, says owner Peter Foley.

In its 6th year of operation Human Powered Trail Grooming offers simple, no maintenance, and inexpensive groomers for skate lanes, classic tracks, and fat bike cycling trails for winter sport enthusiasts who want to have their own trail without the hassle of owning and maintaining a snowmobile.  All types of skiers and bikers have bought the groomers: individuals with a few acres of land who want to make a ½ mile training loop, homeowner associations, high school teams, and town recreation departments. Groomers are designed to be pulled by a snowshoer but some buyers are attaching them to snowmobiles and grooming more than a few k’s.   When attached with a frame to a snowmobile the groomers are a low-cost, no frills alternative to more expensive groomers designed for commercial Nordic trail operations grooming large trail systems.

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