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Gear WestMay 27, 2014
Gear West Ski Selection Map
Gear West Ski Selection Map

You are looking for the best possible pair of skis. 
You want one of those hard to find top quality skis with a perfect smooth and lively camber. A ski that is fast and fun to ski. At Gear West we will use our expertise and leverage all relationships with ski manufacturers to match you with your next favorite ski.

All race skis are not created equal 
Within a brand and model  (like Fischer RCS Carbonlite) There can be a meaningful difference in quality of flex from one ski to the next.  Manufacturers would like consumers to believe that one race ski is equal to another ski of same brand and model. Unfortunately this is not the case and each ski has to be tested by a race ski expert. These variables are caused by manufacturing variations in temperature, humidity, press settings and differences in the curing process. The difference of a ski with high quality flex to an average ski is not just a preference – a really good ski is easier to ski on and goes faster. We spend considerable time and money searching and maintaining the largest high quality ski selection in North America. Our goal is to get you on the best possible ski.

How Gear West finds you the best ski
Because we buy more skis, manufacturers help us secure the best skis. We work closely with European ski selection experts for each brand. These experts understand the nuances of quality race skis. They have tested thousands of skis and, in their hands, can feel what we are seeking in a quality race ski, a soft smooth initial camber with a firm and lively secondary camber. Sighting down the edge of the ski they look for a camber with a fluid curve without hinges. From years of on-snow testing they know these characteristics translate to fast skis.

These hand selected race skis are shipped under Gear West’s name to the manufacturers U.S. warehouses. Gear West ski selection experts travel to these warehouses to select skis for our Race Ski Selection customers and for our Race Ski inventory. Last year Matt and Sven spent days sifting through skis at FischerUSA, AtomicUSA, SalomonUSA and RossignolUSA using the same criteria as their European counterparts to select the smoothest and liveliest skis, matching the weight and skills of each customers. Matt and Gear West are committed to finding each customer’s new favorite ski.

Get your new favorite skis
Now that you know how we locate the best skis possible you can sign up for your own. Fill out our ski request form, below, and we will track down your next favorite skis. Skis can be shipped to customers or, Race Ski Selection customers can come to Gear West to get fitted on the flex bench and even bring in their other race skis to check their flex/fit and get help determining best race conditions for each.

Ski Request Form

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