Fischer’s Redesigned Boot Prompts New Athlete Partnerships

FischerSeptember 30, 2014
Reese Hanneman
Reese Hanneman with his RCS Carbon Skate boots.

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When asked about her first impressions with new boot sponsor, Fischer, longtime Fischer ski athlete Sophie Caldwell put it succinctly, “My Fischer boots are light, stable, and put me in a good forward position. I feel they’ve helped me a lot with my technique over the summer. I’m psyched to start my first year as a Fischer Complete athlete and have had a very positive experience with the product so far!”

That positive experience has been echoed by numerous elite level US athletes who moved to the Fischer brand for a complete boot and ski package following testing this summer. Converts include, Simi Hamilton, Andy Newell, Kikkan Randall, Sophie Caldwell, Sadie Bjornsen, and Kris Freeman. “The boots are stiffer, lighter, and better fitting than any other boot I have used,” explained Freeman of his decision to switch.

In addition to the RCS Skate Carbon boot being the lightest weight production boot available, it is a product unchanged from the boots worn by those on the World Cup. “The boot you get in the store is the same boot you see on the feet of elite athletes,” described head of Fischer Nordic US, Peter Ashley.

That boot weighs just 455 grams (size 41) and bears a sole that’s 50% lighter than its predecessor. It positions the skier in a comfortably forward position, in line with technical advancements in skating technique and even boasts technology in the insole to reduce moisture and odor. US skiing veteran Kris Freeman explains, his switch, “The first time I put the new Fischer boot on I knew there was nothing that would keep me from competing in it this season. It is stiffer, lighter, and better fitting than any other boot I have used.”

As the point of contact most crucial for determining skiing comfort, boot sponsorships are notoriously tricky to orchestrate among elite athletes. Fischer’s boots are designed to fit the most varied foot types and to support the most varied athletes skiing, a sentiment echoed by World Cup Sprint Winner, Kikkan Randall, “I have thoroughly tested both the classic and skating boots,” explains Kikkan Randall, “I have a very good feeling as they fit my feet very well.”

The RCS Carbon Skate will be available in very limited quantities through Fischer dealers in the United States.

Sadie Bjornsen
Sadie Bjornsen

Athlete Impressions:

I have been really impressed with the new Fischer carbon skate boot. My foot stays relaxed and supported through the whole kicking motion and I feel like I can easily find an efficient position to get the most power out of every kick. In the classic boots I am loving the feel of being right on the ski. I feel stable and connected and have been able to find more efficient technique in striding. Both the skate and classic boots naturally put me in a relaxed and powerful position so that all I have to think about is finding maximum speed. It’s great to be heading into the season with confidence that my feet are healthy and feeling comfortable in my boots. – Kikkan Randall, USST athlete, 4 X Olympian, World Cup Sprint Overall Winner

The combination of NIS bindings and Fischer boots has exceeded all my expectations. The binding feels so low to the ski creating a super stable platform to apply power but also edge in the skis better while climbing. Fischer race boots are unique because it’s a minimalists approach with sturdy soles and light weight materials which give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The boots have helped me to ski much more efficiently by allowing me to activate more muscles and use a more complete and fluid kick. – Andy Newell, USST, 3 x Olympian

From the first time I skied in the new Fischer skate and classic boots, I knew that I was wearing the best XC race boots out there. Pretty much all the other boot companies on the market are striving to construct a boot that rises above the rest in either stiffness, comfort, or weight. Fischer has succeeded in producing race boots that are superior in all of these categories. Whether you’re skate sprinting to victory, striding for the win in that 50 km, or just out for a long, mid-winter training session, Fischer makes the boots that deliver. – Simi Hamilton, USST, 2 X Olympian, World Cup Stage Winner

I’m really excited to join the Fischer Complete team this winter!! I love these boots! Sadie Bjornsen, USST, 2014 Olympian

The first time I put the new Fischer boot on, I knew there was nothing that was going to keep me from competing in it this season. – Kris Freeman, 4x Olympian, 16x National Champion

For a long time, Fischer has been the undisputed king of making the fastest skis on the planet. Now they have finally brought that extreme expertise to the boot world. The new boots are a masterpiece. – Reese Hanneman, APU athlete, 2014 US National Classic Sprint Champion

Fischer RCS skate carbon


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