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2014 D25

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The Drive for 25 is the US #skiingnation supporting itself.

We opened the country’s largest grassroots sport fundraiser with a record day. Just like nordic results, the Drive for 25 is getting more attention, more driven and a greater reach. If you haven’t, sign up to be an NNF fundraiser today and reach out to 10 people to donate to the NNF:




2014 D25

The Drive for 25 Matching Grant

$71,000 in matching grants. It’s a statistic you’ll hear a lot over the next six weeks. Let’s start with exactly what it means:


Thanks to a very supportive group of National Nordic Foundation donors (and to our executive director, Dave Knoop, for rallying them), we’re kicking off this campaign not at $0.00 but at $71,000*- and it’s the * that is crucial. As this posts hits the internet (1 day into the 2014 D25 campaign), we are happy to have kicked off $3500 in funding towards $25,000 that unlock our matching grants.


$25,000 gets us an additional $71,000. The match only happens if the athletes who have been a part of NNF Pillar Projects in the past raise $25,000. Time to get started. Click on the link below to become an NNF Ambassador and reach out to 10 people to donate $25 or more.





 Kick in to get us closer to our match: 





2014 D25

The “Old Timers’ Challenge” – Marty Hall Throws Down


In 1967 Marty Hall worked for the USEASA, the organization that became NENSA. Until 1978, Marty was the Eastern Nordic Program Director before moving on to become the Assistant National Team Program Director and head coach of the US team.
“Nordic skiing requires a lot of heavy lifting. I’m reaching to the folks that I worked with during these early years,” Marty explained. Marty is challenging any of these “old timers” to join Marty and his wife, Kathy, with a $500.00 donation to the Drive for 25.



Is this you? Are you an old timer? Check out the Drive today. 


The Old Timer's Drive for 25 Challenge: Marty Hall Throws Down



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