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TokoDecember 12, 2014

 Universal Adapter for Ski Vise World Cup

Universal Adapter for Ski Vise World Cup

OK, so you ski, snowboard, and cross country ski – or at least 2 of those three. What to do for a tuning set up? A combination of a Ski Vise World Cup ($MSRP $21) and a Universal Adapter (MSRP $50) is a great solution that addresses Alpine skis, snowboards, and Nordic skis alike. The Universal Adapter is made of metal and will last as long as you do!

 Universal Adapter for Ski Vise World Cup

Toko: Yellow for the pro, Polka dot for the fun.

Anja Gruber

Shake it off by Anja Gruber of the Far West Elite Team

I might not be feeling 22 anymore but Taylor Swift still gets it right.

Friday’s sprint qualifier felt like your typical first race: Too short, too fast and all over the place. At least, I thought, it was only going to get better from there. Stupid sprints, I told myself, after the quarter final didn’t go as I had hoped either. But when I finished the distance race on Saturday way below my expectations too, I couldn’t help feeling like a total idiot.

Hadn’t I been working towards these first races since May? Wasn’t this my job now? Wasn’t I stronger and fitter and skiing technically better than I ever have? How could this have gone so wrong??

I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Thing is, bad races happen. They happen when you are a little beginner skier, a college skier, a hobby skier, or a professional skier. They don’t make you a bad skier and they don’t mean that the next races are going to be bad. And they definelty don’t make you a bad person.

After being a completely spoiled brat when it comes to results as a college racer (5th at NCAAs was my worst result in a college race last year) I think I’m just relearning this.

Luckily, we still have the whole season ahead of us. I love skiing and I love ski racing and I’m super excited for more of both to come!

Thank you Brian Gregg for this little confidence boost. No idea how you made the Olympics if that’s true, but I’m going to go ahead and believe you.

Brian Gregg, Thank You


Ski Alpinism Video by Toko Athlete CJ Carter

Chamski from Ulteri on Vimeo.

Introducing Toko JetStream 2.0 and HelX 2.0

In case you didn’t thoroughly check out the eBlast where I explained about the new JetStream 2.0 and HelX 2.0 products, here is a link where you can read and learn about them. They are fantastic!

Introducing Toko JetStream 2.0 and HelX 2.0



Toko US Facebook Contest

Toko US has started a promotion on its Facebook page where questions are asked and the first correct recipient receives a prize.
Questions range from Toko trivia to “where was this photo taken”?  Like Toko US today to have some fun and win some prizes!
This contest will run all winter!
Note: there is a Toko worldwide fb page which is quite good, but the contest
will be on the Toko US site.

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