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TokoDecember 23, 2014



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Want to learn more about waxing cross country skis for simple recreational skiing? Check out these videos by clicking on the photo.

Toko recreational-ski waxing video


Want to watch a short presentation on Toko Research and Development?  Click the photo

Toko research and development

Toko Tech Team

Race Wax Tips

The Toko Tech Team, a regional team of wax technicians almost all of which have been working for Toko for over 10 years, have tons of experience, and have been very well trained, research and prescribe race wax tips for you.  There is a local and respected name behind every wax tip.  Toko race wax tips are generally posted 2 days before an event and updated if needed.  This is the most important thing that we do in the Nordic market.

Click here for the Race Wax Tip portal page

Wax Clinics

We are conducting over 100 wax clinics for you to attend and learn throughout the country. Click here for the schedule.  Clinics will continue to be added, so be sure to check back.

Introducing Toko JetStream 2.0 and HelX 2.0

In case you didn’t thoroughly check out the eBlast where I explained about the new JetStream 2.0 and HelX 2.0 products, here is a link where you can read and learn about them.  They are fantastic!

Toko JetStream 2.0 and HelX 2.0


Toko US Facebook Contest
Toko US has started a promotion on its Facebook page where questions are asked and the first correct recipient receives a prize.
Questions range from Toko trivia to “where was this photo taken”? Like Toko US today to have some fun and win some prizes!
This contest will run all winter!
Note: there is a Toko worldwide Facebook page which is quite good, but the contest
will be on the Toko US site.


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