Gear West – 2015 Ski Selection Trip

Gear WestJuly 20, 2015
Gear West Ski Selection


Next week, Matt Liebsch, of Gear West, will be heading east to the U.S. distribution center for Fischer Skis in search of the very best race skis.  Matt will be taking our Flex Tester to facilitate our ski-picking. Matt will be picking through thousands of skis. At the race level, skis are still built by hand, one at a time. This means a lot of variance within a batch and even within a pair.  Thoroughly checking each pair with multiple tools is key to finding the best quality.  Matt will use his hands, eyes, and our flex tester to triple check each pair he brings home, ensuring he returns with the best skis.

The Flex Tester
Four years ago, Gear West began development with Segla Engineering on our Signature Flex Tester. Our goal was to “unlock the ‘black box’ mystery of cross country ski flex analysis”. Ever year since we have upgraded software and hardware to continue to improve our testing capabilities. We have spent literally 1,000s of hours with the machine learning how the best skis perform, act and look based on their flex data.  Matching this data to on-snow performance and to our experience picking with our hands, eyes and flex board gives us the confidence to find the best ski for you.
Read detailed description of our Flex Tester in this 2013 blog entry
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