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FischerAugust 24, 2015


Fischer Rollerskis


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New for 2015, the Fischer Carbonlite Rollerskis employ the same air core construction as Fischer’s race skis and as a result, these rollerskis bear a feel similar snow skis from Fischer: lively, smooth and responsive. The response from dealers and athletes alike has been positive:

“I have been skiing on both the skate and classic skis since mid-spring, and we have had demo pairs go out the door with customers.  Feedback has been great from those that have tried them and the guys in our shop that have tried them.  The skate skis are some of the best that I have used.  They have a damp feel on the road, plus the shaft has a lively feel to it without being overly soft.  The wheel speed is right in the middle of where I like it to be, and the skis that we have tried have tracked perfectly without any adjustments.  We have put them through some good use throughout the last month with no noticeable wear on the wheels.  And they look great.” – Dave Chamberlain, Boulder Nordic Sport

Composite shafts are superior, both at dampening road noise, and providing some elastic material response. These skis are ground-up designs, and like most everything Fischer does, they’re done right. Very smooth rolling, perfect tracking right out of the box, and great ski feel.

The risk with composite shafts designed to flex is that they can be too soft, and end up feeling spongy. When that’s the case for a lightweight like myself, the chances are that bigger skiers will be in for a very mushy ride. No chance of that problem on these skis – the carbon shafts are very snappy feeling, and will work well for skiers of all sizes.

As always, Fischer has nailed the form factor as well. It’s worth noting that the carbon forks are reinforced with metal, and appear to be quite robust. Zach Caldwell, Caldwell Sport

Fischer Rollerski


I’m happy to report that although they may at first seem similar to other options out there, there are a multitude of small, well thought out touches that set the Carbonlite rollerskis apart and make them possibly the best overall rollerski models available.First impressions first; the combination of carbon, air-core, and aluminum that Fischer uses for the shaft makes these skis stiff. This is noticeable in two ways: first, they feel slightly higher off the ground than they actually are, and once you get moving their ride is noticeably “responsive.” Those who have switched from a steel or aluminum bike frame to carbon fiber will know this feeling well; the first time you get on, it may feel a bit unforgiving, but given a little time with it, you’ll adapt to the new feel, and everything else will seem sluggish and noodley in comparison, especially when you try to put power down. – Josh Doebbert, Gear West

Fischer Rollerski Boot
Fischer’s Rollerski Specific Boot

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