Earth Networks + Advanced Automated Weather Alerts: Our Solution

Matthew VoisinMarch 8, 2017

Since 1992, Earth Networks has delivered reliable, expert services to businesses and organizations all around the globe. Backed by an advanced and intelligent network of more than 12,000 hyper local stations and 1,200 in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning trackers worldwide, they are there to help alleviate the effects of bad weather.


Maximum Weather Coverage, Little Maintenance

Earth Networks provides outdoor facilities with the very first commercially available outdoor notification system for inclement weather. The system is made up of more than one 110 dBA units that boast over 170,000 strobe lights – providing your outdoor business or organization with the ultimate coverage.

Moreover, Earth Networks’ outdoor weather alert system comes equipped with a high-decibel signal for efficient coverage when you need it most. Alert your patrons and employees immediately with omni-directional sirens and an advanced alerting system. The high-tech design makes the device super easy to maintain.


Crafted for the Outside

A smart indoor control unit contains a loud internal speaker that alerts indoor staff with adjustable volume controls. The convenient unit can be mounted to a wall or sit on your desktop for easy and immediate access.


Safety in the Fullest Form

Earth Networks’ Outdoor Alerting System enables you to personalize your hours of operation, alert duration, and send out auto-generated texts and emails to all personnel and patrons. The ultimate goal: to keep everyone extremely safe. An intelligent interface displays up-to-the-minute alert statuses, connection, last stroke time, distance, and a countdown clock with the estimated time to clear out.

With Earth Networks, your outdoor facility is perfectly covered. Allow them to be your umbrella during the storm.

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