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Thorax TrainerNovember 9, 2017

November 8, 2017—ThoraxTrainer,Inc. a Scandinavian fitness company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help introduce the ThoraxTrainer Nordic ski machine to the US market. The ThoraxTrainer’s distinctive Danish design, which is the result of extensive research and testing, [link to results], provides a full-body and effective workout in just a few minutes by imitating one of the toughest sports in the world: cross-country skiing. Early supporters of the Kickstarter campaign will be eligible to receive a special offer – up to 40% the list price!  To take advantage of this incredible deal, click here (link)

Nordic cross-country skiing is considered one of the most physically challenging sports because it activates more muscles than any other sport in the world. The ThoraxTrainer is the most authentic skiing machine on the market, as it correlates 96% with cross-country skiing.  The ThoraxTrainer engages the core, lower and upper body equally, making it one of the most powerful workouts anyone can do. For many years, cross-country skiing athletes struggled to find a machine that would allow them to improve their skills during the winter and in the off-season, as well as to strengthen their muscles and build up endurance. But with the ThoraxTrainer they are able to do all that and more. Used by the Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Danish cross-country skiing Olympic training centers, the ThoraxTrainer has been proven to increase strength and endurance in a shorter period of time than more traditional methods of training.

Michael Rösch, Pro Biathlete of Germany says, “ThoraxTrainer gives me the final edge to my physical shape, and it has been an important part of my come-back among the best in the IBU World Cup.”

The ThoraxTrainer was created by Dr. Ulrich Ghisler, MD and Jonas Thor Olsen, Engineer, both professional Olympic skiers. “As members of the Danish cross-country skiing team, we wanted to create a fitness machine that would make us stronger and better without having to rely on the snow. That is how the ThoraxTrainer came to life.” says Ghisler. “We never expected that it would be so incredibly effective and that we would see the massive improvements with elite athletes who were training fewer hours with better results. We knew that the ThoraxTrainer was something that anyone could use. That’s when we started to focus on how we could make this device available to everyone in the comfort of their homes.”

With the ThoraxTrainer, users will be able to do more than 50 different exercises with just one device. So it is more than just a cross country ski trainer; it is one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment on the market.

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