Nordic Nation: The Sit Down with Bob ‘Woody’ Woodward

Jason AlbertMarch 14, 2018

Bob Woodward. Not the journalist associated with Watergate, but the Bob Woodward, outdoor writer and journalist who was arguably the first to report on the international cross-country racing scene way back in the day. Our Bob Woodward goes by the name of “Woody”. And Woody had been living in Bend, Oregon, since 1978. In fact, Woody lives a few blocks away from me here in Bend.

Woody is a local’s local who also helped define outdoor-sports writing. Before the internet, before things like mountain biking, skiing and climbing were branded as lifestyles, Woody was covering adventure sport and passing on his observations to readers. Yes, Woody also covered nordic sport. From Oslo to races here in North America, Woody reported on the gear, the lycra and the personalities.

Finnish ski legend Juha Mieto (r) with outdoor writing legend Bob “Woody” Woodward (l) in Lahti, Finland, back in 1979. (Photo: Bob Woodward collection)

We met up with Woody on Dec. 1 of last year to discuss his writing career and what he learned along the way covering the nordic world. (Here’s a link to Woody’s piece on Juha Mieto.)

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Jason Albert

Jason lives in Bend, Ore., and can often be seen chasing his two boys around town. He’s a self-proclaimed audio geek. That all started back in the early 1990s when he convinced a naive public radio editor he should report a story from Alaska’s, Ruth Gorge. Now, Jason’s common companion is his field-recording gear.

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