Andrea Henkel Burke – Newest Partner at Nordic Team Solutions

Nordic Team SolutionsFebruary 15, 2019
Andrea Henkel Burke with her 2 Olympic gold medals and an incredible 8 World Championship titles.

With a resume including 2 Olympic gold medals and an incredible 8 World Championship titles, Andrea Henkel Burke is recognized in Germany as one of the greatest biathletes of all time. Now living in Lake Placid, NY with husband Tim Burke, Andrea is using her years of competitive experience to help others achieve their goals through a personal training and consulting business.

This week Andy Newell announced Andrea as the newest partner on the growing platform, a website designed to highlight the services of expert skiing consultants such as Andrea and make their expertise accessible to the public. Since the launch of the website in September 2018, the list of consultants and contributors has expanded to include 2-time Olympian and counseling psychologist Holly Brooks, PT SCS Kurt Jepson, and now biathlete Andrea Henkel Burke with certifications in fitness, health, nutrition, and physical testing.

Nordic Team Solutions – Andy Newell

“It makes me so excited to form these partnerships” explains Newell, “Our motto at Nordic Team Solutions is to become a student of the sport. To me this means always learning new approaches to ski training but more importantly sharing knowledge and finding ways to make that knowledge accessible to the skiing community.”

Consultants featured on the website submit weekly and monthly entries which are stored in an online library offering guidance on training, nutrition, technique, race preparation, strength, and mental training. Members also have access to email correspondence which Newell finds most beneficial. “I love solving problems, whether they are coming from a high school skier, coach, collegiate racer, or a master – everything is a personalized approach. This is why I’m so grateful to highlight people like Holly and Andrea who are true experts in their fields. If someone needs help with a mental training approach, I connect them with Holly. If someone needs some testing, one-on-one training or nutrition guidance Andrea is an amazing resource. That’s what makes Nordic Team Solutions successful, it’s a way to connect athletes or coaches to the person that can best suit their needs.”

With Andrea based in Lake Placid, NY her services span far beyond the online content to hosting training sessions and mini camps at her home gym facility. Andrea really values this hands-on approach, “Everyone is unique and personal training will adjust to that! In my eyes, personal training is much more than the workout I do with my clients. It is about consulting, educating and guiding them, to include step by step the things in their life, which will help them to reach their health and fitness goals.”

Nordic Team Solutions – Holly Brooks

Newell sees Andrea’s holistic approach as a great asset to athletes and coaches. “A big part of a holistic approach for health and performance, also is nutrition” explains Andrea. “Nothing stands alone! The best training doesn’t bring the best results without good fuel, but also the best fuel is not enough for high performance or overall health, without good training. “

To read more about Andrea Henkel Burke go to her website

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