How to View the Seefeld, Austria World Championships

FasterSkierFebruary 19, 2019
Testing skis and wax in Seefeld, Austria on Tuesday – site of the 2019 Nordic Ski World Championships. (Photo: John Lazenby/

Watching the events live … ee’ve got to temper the good news. If you subscribe to the NBC Gold “Snow” Pass, then you will have live/replay access to almost all of the championship events. We cannot overemphasize the “almost”.

Back when NBC announced it’s Gold Pass system, subscribers did not have access to the Seefeld championships. At the time, the rights holder in Austria was reportedly asking too steep a price from NBC to secure the broadcast rights in the U.S.

That changed a few weeks back. The scheduled upcoming event listings for the Gold “Snow” Pass now includes the championships. This is where the “almost” becomes the let down for those with no VPN access to a site like British Eurosport.

A more thorough examination of the Gold Pass schedule reveals the events on March 1-3 will not be streamed live or rebroadcast. These events include the men’s 4 x 10-kilometer relay, the women’s 30 k classic mass start, and the men’s 50 k classic mass start.

A phone call this morning to NBC Sports confirmed the last three days of racing from Seefeld will not be streamable or archived as a replay on NBC Gold. Further, it appears this three-day block from Seefeld will not be streamed or broadcast on the NBCSN cable channel, or the Olympic Channel. 

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How To View?

For those in Canada, contributor Gerry Furseth advises viewers to check out the CBC Sports broadcast schedule. You can find that link here.

Below is the viewing schedule, as of this morning, from the U.S. Again, this does not include information for those with a VPN or those accessing delayed coverage from our friend in the Midwest. The NBCSN and Olympic Channel appear to be moving targets when it comes to determining a concrete viewing schedule. (FasterSkier will update this story with any confirmed scheduling changes.)

All times listed are EST and are for live streams/broadcast unless noted.

Day 1: Wednesday, Feb. 20

  • Women’s qualification 5 k classic
  • Men’s qualification 10 k classic

Day 2: Thursday, Feb. 21

  • Women’s/men’s freestyle sprint  8:30 AM (NBC Gold/Olympic Channel)

Day 3: Friday, Feb. 22

  • Nordic combined individual Gundersen 10 k – Jumping 4:30 AM, Skiing 10:00 AM (NBC Gold)

Day 4: Saturday, Feb. 23

  • Women’s 15 k skiathlon 5:00 AM (NBC Gold)
  • Men’s 30 k skiathlon 6:30 AM (NBC Gold)

Day 5: Sunday, Feb. 24

  • Women’s/men’s classic team sprint final 5:30 AM (NBC Gold)
  • Tape delay team sprint final 11:30 AM (NBC Sports)
  • Nordic combined team sprint 2 x 7.5 k – Jumping 4:30 AM, Skiing 7:30 AM (NBC Gold)

Day 6: Monday, Feb. 25 No Competitions

Day 7: Tuesday, Feb. 26

  • Women’s 10 k individual start classic 7:30 AM (NBC Gold)

Day 8: Wednesday, Feb. 27

  • Men’s 15 k individual start classic  8:00 AM (NBC Gold)

Day 9: Thursday, Feb. 28

  • Women’s 4 x 5 k relay 7:00 AM (NBC Gold)
  • Nordic Combined individual Gundersen 10 k – Jumping 5:00 AM, Skiing 9:00 AM (NBC Gold)

Day 10: Friday, Mar. 1

  • Men’s 4 x 10k relay

Day 11: Saturday, Mar. 2

  • Women’s 30 k skate mass start
  • Nordic combined team 4 x 5 k

Day 12: Sunday, Mar. 3

  • Men’s 50 k skate mass start