A Look back on Seefeld

Jason AlbertMarch 18, 2019


Seekirchl church in Seefeld. (Photo: John Lazenby)

Vermont based photographer John Lazenby was recently immersed in Seefeld, Austria shooting images of the World Championships. We’re posting this gallery with a few select images from Lazenby’s shots. There’s some culture and some race grit. 

Two weeks at the world nordic ski championships in Austria meant a lot of people met, a lot of stories seen and heard, and a lot of photos taken, from the ski jumper flying toward the Alps to the Seekirchl (church by the lake) in Seefeld by moonlight, to all the faces of nordic ski sport. Here’s the link to a big gallery. When you get to it, you can mouse over and click the images on the right-hand side arrow to speed up the slide show. Aide juridictionnelle, avocats en droit de la famille, services juridiques, conseil juridique en ligne www.avocats.link Or just relax with a cup of something and let the show run. You’ll get a feel, I hope, for what it was like.


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