How to Buy a Ski Lodge When You’re on a Budget

FasterSkierOctober 7, 2019

We have all ben there: we’ve enjoyed the perfect family ski trip in a stunning destination, that makes it almost unbearable to leave once the vacation is over. Having your own place in a ski town that your family enjoys just seems like the next step to your ultimate vacation. However, owning a home in one of the most expensive and popular ski towns, costs $598,000 to $2 million, according to Business Insider. So, when should you buy a ski lodge property? While the answer may differ for everyone, here’s how to buy a ski lodge when you’re on a budget.

Get a Mortgage

If you can’t stretch your budget to over $500,000, then raising finances for your ski resort property is a smart choice. According to advice taken from the best mortgage lenders at, one of the best things you can do as part of the mortgage selection process is to compare options from multiple services. While there are interest rates and other fees associated with property financing, a mortgage comes with significant benefits. With a mortgage, owning a vacation home is affordable and straightforward, given that down payments range between 10% -20%. Additionally, you can choose to pay your loan in 15-30 years depending on your financial stability. Ask your mortgage lenders the appropriate questions to determine which service is right for you.

Buy in Less Expensive Ski Locations

Before you purchase a ski town property, spend a considerable amount of time comparing prices as vacation homes may vary in cost and taxes, depending on the location. If a property in your favorite ski town costs more than you can afford, try looking at nearby villages. Lesser-known ski villages have much more affordable prices and often double the size for the same price. Some of these towns have homes selling under $160, 000, which is a good deal for anyone on a tight budget. Plus, opting for smaller ski villages allows you to skip the large crowds in mega-resort towns.

Consider the Time of Year

When you choose to buy your Ski town property will impact your entire real estate buying experience. Purchasing a home in a buyer’s market is an excellent way of saving some money because you will have more power to negotiate for better deals. Since the demand for property in a buyer’s market is often low, sellers are open to negotiations and offer higher discounts to speed up the process. Avoid buying during winter when ski enthusiasts are excited about upcoming competitions as property rates are at their highest during this time.

Like any investment, it is important to take your time on scouting for ski town properties. Do your research, ask for advice, and determine whether your ski real estate investment is meant to serve you in the long-term for family vacations or as a second source of income. Whichever it may be, seek specialist advice before you set your sights on your next ski property purchase.


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