Nordiq Canada Announces Wax Restrictions

FasterSkierNovember 27, 2019

On November 26, Nordiq Canada announced strict wax restrictions for what it calls “Tier 2” events. Nordiq Canada states that “medium and high Fluoro waxes are not permitted,” at these races. The wax restrictions extend to younger racers in all “non-FIS catagories in Tier 1 sanctioned events.”

According to how Nordiq Canada is defining “medium”, it appears that low fluoro or LF products are allowed. Nordiq Canada has published an extended list of approved waxes for non-tier 1 races and LF products are included on that inventory. You can find the approved wax list here.

The press release notes that “the recommendation would extend to include all Junior aged, non-FIS categories in Tier 1 sanctioned events.”

For now, a cost-effective method testing for fluoros on ski bases remains elusive. The new guidelines do not set forth measures to ensure skis are fluoro-free. “The program would be self-governed by all coaches, technicians, parents and athletes,” states the new rule.

Tier 2 races are as follows:

  • Provincial Cups
  • Provincial Champs
  • CCC sanctioned Pts events

Tier 1 races are as follows:

  • NorAms/Canada Cups
  • Nat Championships
  • FIS sanctioned events

Below are the published wax guidelines:

For all Tier 2 races (Provincial Cups, Provincial Champs, Nordiq Canad sanctioned events) the Nordiq Canada Fluoro policy would apply. This means that:

  • High Fluoro (HF) or Medium Fluoro (MF) glide waxes, including HF or MF powders, pucks, blocks and liquids are NOT permitted.
  • Cold weather powder additives and hardeners are NOT permitted.
  • Grip powders are NOT permitted
  • Does not pertain to grip wax
  1. Since the jurisdiction of Tier 2 races is a shared responsibility between Divisions and Nordiq Canada, a common rule and disciplinary process for coaches and athletes will be developed
  2. At competitions where Tier 1 and Tier 2 level races take place at the same time the
    policy would apply to all U18 and below age categories that are not sanctioned by FIS
  3. At competitions where categories are combined for seeding purposes the policy
    guidelines would align with the highest category in the combined class
  4. The program would be self-governed by all coaches, technicians, parents and athletes
  5. Assigned Technical Delegates will not be responsible for enforcing the Fluoro Policy


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