FasterSkier Holiday Gift Guide – 2019

FasterSkierDecember 18, 2019

If you are still looking for some last minute holiday gift ideas we have some suggestions for you and that passionate cross-country skier on your list.


Dermatone is a waterless skin protector and frost guard made in Sweden. It is the best skin protection against winter drying, chapping and frostbite we’ve ever found and makes a great stocking stuffer. Apply to your nose, cheeks, and ears on those bitter days!

Price: $7

Purchase: New Moon Ski + Bike Shop

Holmenkol No Fog + Clean

Keeping your sunglasses, snow goggles, and even swim goggles clear is critical when you’re getting after it.  The Holmenkol No Fog + Clean makes a great stocking stuffer.

Price: $9

Purchase: Boulder Nordic Sport

Holmenkol Warm Feet Lotion

The special warming complex gives you a pleasant warm feeling soon after applying that lasts for hours.  Apply before any of your adventures for hours of happy, warm feet.

Price: $13

Purchase: Boulder Nordic Sport


Bee’s Wrap – Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

We are all looking for ways to protect the environment and help keep our snow around. Bee’s Wrap is a uniquely designed plastic free and eco-friendly reusable food wrap made from organic cotton infused with sustainably harvested beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin.

Price: $16

Purchase: Amazon


Stasher – Reusable Silicone Bags

Stashed is your plastic-free answer to school lunches, a sanity-saving organizer for parental units, and a waste-free solution to pretty much everything you stick in less-colorful containers.

Price: $87

Purchase: Stasher



Reusable Produce Bags

We are straying away from single use plastic grocery bags and are favoring reusable grocery bags. These meshed cotton drawstring reusable grocery bags provide the best alternative, keeping produce safe and fresh. They are the perfect choice when choosing eco-friendly grocery bags.

Price: $20

Purchase: Amazon


Brave Enough

In Brave Enough, Jessie Diggins reveals the true story of her journey from the American Midwest into sports history. With candid charm and characteristic grit, she connects the dots from her free-spirited upbringing in the woods of Minnesota to racing in the bright spotlights of the Olympics. Going far beyond stories of races and ribbons, she describes the challenges and frustrations of becoming a serious athlete; learning how to push through and beyond physical and psychological limits; and the intense pressure of competing at the highest levels. She openly shares her harrowing struggle with bulimia, recounting both the adversity and how she healed from it in order to bring hope and understanding to others experiencing eating disorders.

Price: $25

Purchase: Barnes & Noble

Saxx Ultra Boxer Brief – Men’s

After your hard ski and before your hot cocoa it’s important to put on dry clothes… we at FasterSkier will tell you, Saxx are both stylish and super comfortable.

Price: $22

Purchase: Oregon Mountain Community


Fischer Classic Short Ski Socks

The kid down the hall and up the trail at this point tells us that these are the best socks… worth trying for yourself.

Price: $22

Purchase: WebCyclery


Resistance Bands

These bands are great for strength and mobility work at home or while traveling. The smaller bands are also useful for activation or physical therapy exercises.

Price: $30

Purchase: Amazon


Picky Bars Oatmeal Mixed Pack or Intro Bundle

FasterSkier’s Rachel Perkins got the oatmeal mix pack for Christmas last year and has been buying the larger bags and assorted bars since. She’s a big fan of the “Can’t Beet Chocolate” oats and the “Moroccan My World” bars.

Price: $26

Purchase: Picky Bars


BeFAST Summersport Headband

We’ve been big fans of BeFAST for years.  Not only are they a great, small, family-owned company with the best customer service, but they make great products too.  Their new Summersport Headband is perfect for under your helmet when you’re roller-skiing or cycling or even on those warmer winter days when you just want to keep the sweat out of your eyes.  Always a killer fashion statement too.

Price: $15

Purchase: BeFAST


Anti-Freeze Face Tape

Anti-Freeze Face Tape helps reduce the risk of frostbite. Each package contains four pre-cut pieces. Simply remove the backing and apply on clean, dry skin.

Price: $5

Purchase: Pioneer Midwest

AirTrim Cold Air Mask

When it’s really cold out there you have to protect your lungs. The AirTrim Cold Air Mask helps warm the air before you breathe it into your lungs.

Price: $65

Purchase: Boulder Nordic Sport

LED Lights

Give someone on your shopping list LED lights to help keep them safe and visible when they are out exercising.  There are lots of options and here are few suggestions to choose from that are great for roller-skiing, walking, running and cycling.

Purchase for Walking, Running and Roller-skiing – Arm Band:  Amazon

Purchase for Walking, Running and Roller-skiing – Vest:  Amazon

Purchase for Cycling – Bike Mount:  Amazon


Hi-Vis Training Shirt

Just like the LED lights, we want you to be as visible and as bright as you can stomach when you’re out exercising.

Price: $30

Purchase: Eastbay


Holmenkol Wax Remover

Waxing with klister and hardwax can get messy and it’s a bummer to run out of wax remover.

Price: $11

Purchase: Boulder Nordic Sport


Swix CH5 and CH7

If you’re looking for two workhorse waxes for someone on your list, Swix’s CH5 and CH7 are great options.  No matter where you live these tend to be the two temperature ranges we are using all winter long. Because there are no flouros in the wax it’s cheap so you can get the 180g big block.

Price: $21

Purchase: Cross Country Ski Headquarters


Rex Liquid Glide Starter Kit

We love liquid wax, just put it on your skis before you head to the trails and then brush it off before you start (or don’t brush it, the snow will buff it out for you soon enough).

Price: $185

Purchase: New Moon Ski + Bike Shop

Swix Wax Gloves

When you working on your skis it is best to keep the wax off your skin through the application process.

Price: $10

Purchase: Race Wax


Full Face Respirator

If you choose to use flourinated waxes this season we strongly suggest you do so in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves and a respirator religiously.

Price: $179

Purchase: Global Industrial


Toko Thermo Split Mitt

When it’s really cold weather Toko’s split mitt with wind resistant outer shell is a must have. The Primaloft insulation and chamude palm will keep you warm and give you great grip on your poles.

Price: $60

Purchase: New Moon Ski + Bike Shop

Bjorn Dæhlie Airnet Pants Men

Made with 100% Merino these pants will give you optimal insulation even at low activity. This quick dry pant keeps you warm even when wet.

Price: $85

Purchase: Boulder Nordic Sport


Kari Traa Maske Long Sleeve Baselayer Top – Women’s

Redefine your ideas about baselayer styling with the Maske Long Sleeve from Kari Traa. This fashion forward, wool baselayer breaks the mold with a button closure on the forward shoulder yoke. Button up for the cold, or down for that extra dash in your look.

Price: $90

Purchase: Oregon Mountain Community


Black Diamond Spot325 Head Lamp

Small package, big bright punch in the Spot325. In the bright setting you’ll sport 325 lumens of power which means you’ll see plenty of trail during that morning or evening ski. The Spot325 allows you to dim the light when an intense beam is not needed. This lightweight headlamp takes three AAA batteries.

Price: $39.95

Purchase: Black Diamond



Skida Cashmere Line

With their fun colors and patterns, Skida has become one of the most popular brands on the trails, but you might not know they also have an amazing cashmere line so you can show your nordic style all day and evening long. (Read our review of other Skida products here)

Price: $68-$180

Purchase: Skida



Salomon Women’s Bise Hoodie – Green Gables

The Salomon Bise Hoodie for women looks great and can double as an exceptionally warm midlayer for skiing when it’s really cold. This soft, warm, stylish jacket is perfect for cool days anywhere.

Price: $130

Purchase: New Moon Ski + Bike Shop


Craft Men’s Winter Warm Training Jacket

This is a great training jacket made of breathable wind and water repellant fabric. Perfect for training or as a crossover piece for casual everyday use.

Price: $115

Purchase: New Moon Ski + Bike Shop

Bjorn Daehlie Gatineau Jacket Men

The Gatineau Jacket is a technical multipurpose jacket, made with a combination of softshell and ribstop material. Windproof reinforced shoulder and hood. The Bionic Finish Eco ensures durability in the material, both in the form of long-lasting colors and its ability to withstand weather.

Price: $126

Purchase: Boulder Nordic Sport

Bjorn Daehlie Winner 2.0 Pants – Men’s/Women’s

This comfortable, athletic fit Winner 2.0 Pants from Bjorn Daehlie gives you everything you need from a great fitting training pant and you will be as relaxed and comfortable when you stop off at the pub on your way back to town or your cabin.

Price: $130

Purchase: Oregon Mountain Community

Salomon R60 Click Poles

If you’re in the market for a great valued pole at a lower price point this is a great option, especially with its durable quick release strap system.

Price: $95

Purchase: Cross Country Ski Headquarters


Lillsport Boot Covers

There isn’t much worse than frozen toes when you’re a long way from the lodge.  The Lillsport boot covers might just be the best ones available.

Price: $65

Purchase: Pioneer Midwest


Swix Quantum 1

If you’re racing the Quantum 1 is a great value with great swing weight and impact strength. This new pole shares the same strap and grip as its more expensive brothers and also has TBS basket system for excellent flexibility making swapping baskets and roller-ski ferrules easy thanks to its threaded connection.

Price: $260

Purchase: New Moon Ski + Bike Shop


Bliz Pro Flip Goggles

If you love looking like you’re skiing on the World Cup the Bliz Proflip Goggles are for you.  From bright sunny days to windy snowstorms, these Bliz goggles will protect your eyes and give you the visibility needed to stay on course.

Price: $125

Purchase: Pioneer Midwest


Concept2 BikeErg

There are a lot of great options out there if you are looking for an indoor bike trainer to use when time is tight or you can’t make it to the ski trails.  One option is the popular Wahoo Kickr, which connects to your road bike. However, if you are a heavy sweater you will be dripping all over your nice road or tri bike, making it likely you will have to replace cables and more come spring.  Not to mention they’re expensive once you start adding in all the extra goodies.  Peloton and  Keiser bikes are quite nice, but also pricey at $2,245 and $1,795 respectively, not to mention the monthly subscription cost of $39 for the Peloton.

At $990 the Concept2 BikeErg gives you a lot of value for your indoor training this winter.  If you plan on mixing in other exercises off the bike the standard flat pedals are just fine.  However, if you are planning on just riding you can swap out the pedals for your clipless ones and your saddle too.  We have used the Concept2 BikeErg for the last year and have really enjoyed it.

Price: $990

Purchase: Concept2



If you’re in the market for a indoor training tool that will help you improve your strength and power, the Ercolina is a great option.  It’s compact design won’t take up a lot of space. Lacking the large frame of other SkiErg’s, the Ercolina is mounted it on the wall and is even small enough to be portable if you use the mounting hooks.  With adjustable resistance, the Ercolina is perfect for easier efforts as well as all-out power intervals.

Price: $1200 – $2,000

Purchase: New Moon Ski + Bike Shop



Lumi Experiences Trip to Minneapolis World Cup

There’s a ton of excitement building up for the Minneapolis World Cup.  If you want to experience the event like nobody else, this is the trip for you.

Garrott Kuzzy and Holly Brooks are leading a trip to watch the event, with special behind-the-scenes access, transportation, VIP tickets, and a dinner with Kikkan Randall. Even your skis will be all taken care of. Watching the races with experienced Olympians gives you a whole new world of insights on race day! And…there are a few spots left.

Price: $3,100

Purchase: Lumi Experiences

Donation to NNF

If you have reached this far down in our gift guide and you still don’t know what to get the skier on your list because they seem to have every possible piece of athletic gear imaginable, then maybe it is best to make a few donations in their name.  If that sounds like a good idea to you, please consider the National Nordic Foundation. Your donation will help support the dreams of young skiers nationwode.

Price: Any amount that fits your budget

How to Send Money: National Nordic Foundation

Donation to Hannah Halvorsen’s Fundraiser

After getting hit by a car and sustaining serious injuries, Hannah Halvorsen’s winter looks drastically different than she planned. Nonetheless, her determination to be one of the best skiers in the world is stronger than ever. To get to health and on skis as soon as possible, Halvorsen will need specialized care, which comes at a cost.

She welcomes everyone to her fundraiser to say hello, bid on her US Ski Team swag, and hear about her journey and dreams. The fundraiser will be held at Sugar Bowl Academy on Dec. 28th.  If you can’t attend but want to help support her Olympic goals, here is her Paypal, mailing address, and Venmo link.

Price: Any amount that fits your budget

How to Send Money: Paypal, Venmo or send a check to the following mailing address.

Mailing Address:
Hannah Halvorsen
C/O Grace Norgard
12476 Stockholm Way
Truckee, CA 96161

FasterSkier would like to wish all of our readers, their friends and family the very happiest and healthiest holiday season!


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