IBU World Cup Rundown: Oberhof, Germany

FasterSkierJanuary 10, 2020

Oberhof, Germany the site where the IBU World Cup snaps into its second trimester of racing after the holiday break, began a series of races.

Yesterday, the women began the Oberhof stop with a 7.5-kilometer sprint. Norway’s Marte Olsbu Roeiseland won in 22:04.9 minutes while shooting clean in both her shooting bouts. Denise Herrmann of Germany was second (+33.1; 0+1), and France’s Julia Simon third (+47.4;1+0). 

Emma Lunder, racing to 7th, her best individual IBU World Cup result of the season during the Oberhof, Germany 7.5 k sprint. (Photo: Nordic Focus)

Two North Americans had standout performances. Emma Lunder of Canada was seventh overall (+1:14.9; 0+0), and Susan Dunklee for the U.S. was 14th (+1:47.6; 0+1). 

Susan Dunklee, racing to 14th, her best IBU World Cup result of the season during the Oberhof, Germany 7.5 k sprint. (Photo: Nordic Focus)

Clare Egan, also of the U.S., was 32nd (+2:26.0; 0+2). Teammate Emily Dreissigacker skied to 70th (+3:51.4; 1+0), and Hallie Grossman, in her World Cup debut was 79th (+4:31.7; 1+2). 

Canada’s Emily Dickson placed 46th (+2:58.6), and Megan Bankes did not start. 

Women’s Results

Friday, the men raced a 10 k sprint. With the IBU World Cup men’s leader, Johannes Thingnes Bø of Norway sitting out, others were left to fill the top-step void. France’s Martin Fourcade capitalized and won in 25:27.2 with no misses on the range. Teammate Emilien Jacqelin was second (+25.5: 0+1), with Germany’s Johannes Kuehn in third (+33.0; 0+1). 

Shooting through the Oberhof fog: Sean Doherty on his way to 21st. (Photo: Nordic Focus)

For the U.S., Sean Doherty placed 21st (+1:50.2; 0+1), and Leif Nordgren also broke into the top-30 placing 26th overall (+1:57.3; 1+0). 

Leif Nordgren amidst the Oberhof cacophony. (Photo: Nordic Focus)

Scott Gow, of Canada, was the next best placed North American in 30th (+2:07.1; 1+1). 

Scott Gow, prepping for the Oberhof range, during the men’s sprint. (Photo: Nordic Focus)

Paul Schommer of the U.S., in his first World Cup of the season, was 53rd (+2:46.8; 1+2). Jake Brown skied to 68th (+3:17.0; 2+1). 

Rounding out the results for Canada, Christian Gow was 55th (+2:53.9; 0+1), Matthew Strum 82nd (+3:44.0; 1+0), and Carsen Campbell 90th (+4:08.2; 1+1). 

Men’s Results

Racing continues on Saturday with a 4 x 6 k relay for the women and a 4 x 7.5 k relay for the men.


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