New BeFAST Website Means Easier Custom Orders

BeFASTJanuary 24, 2020


To keep up with fast-paced growth, the team at BeFAST Sportgear has just launched a new website. This new website brings customer usability to the forefront. It features an easy to use format for product search, offers more in-depth product descriptions, and more importantly, provides easy and secure online ordering. Customers can now use Apple Pay to purchase from their mobile device.

The custom order process has also been upgraded and streamlined, and you can do it on your phone! Whether you have artwork or not, BeFAST team of graphic artists and designers will work quickly to get your team outfitted with great BeFAST products.

BeFAST’s website launch comes with the launch of a new product line, the WideSport Headband, a 4” headband that gives athletes full ear coverage with BeFAST’s signature sweat-wicking liner. To check out the new website and find all of BeFAST’s unique collections head over to

About BeFAST Sportgear


We are a custom sport apparel company – with attitude. BeFAST was founded by athletes. We know what it takes to get your head in the game. Our mission is to design and deliver products that not only offer superior performance but also give you a motivational edge. It takes more than training your body to perform; it takes mental attitude. In the course of doing business, we partner with teams and athletes whenever possible, because they get it too.


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