The Devon Kershaw Show: Ski Tour 2020 Stage 2 and a Deviation into Biathlon

FasterSkierFebruary 16, 2020


The Ski Tour 2020 show continued Sunday in Östersund, Sweden with the men’s and women’s classic pursuit races. Again, as we discuss in the podcast, it was Norway and Russia heavy on the men’s side. Actually more Norway than Russia.  

For the women, Johaug did her thing, but the racing was gritty. A chase pack of three and a speedy group from fifth through sixteenth made the 10 k affair a fun watch.

Heidi Weng (bib) taking second in Stage 2 of the Ski Tour 2020. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Like usual we dig into the day. We also diverge a bit and celebrate Susan Dunklee and her silver medal at the 2020 IBU World Champs, and we also discuss some of the latest doping news surrounding Russia and a few of their biathletes.

Roar. Susan Dunklee captures a IBU World Championship silver in the 7.5 k sprint in Antholz, Italy. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Thanks for taking the time to listen and we’ll be back on Tuesday after Stage 3.


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