Getting Ready for a Ski Season

FasterSkierMarch 18, 2020

Every new ski season comes with numerous wintry adventures that a keen cross-country skier simply must indulge in. A hectic daily grin may impede your skiing routine, so helpful advice is to get prepared and ready for a ski season diligently in advance. For mild or vigorous cross-country skiing you need to engage and prepare your whole body and muscles. Therefore, to make the most out of your ski season this year, here are some beneficial tips on how to get ready to enjoy the lush winter outdoors with ease.

Find a suitable practice spot

As cross-country skiing demands full-body engagement you should strive to work out whenever you can. Before you hit the gym or engage in pole gliding, you should find a designated area where you would can first-hand practice the skill needed for ​active cross-country skiing.​ Even if you only need thick snow to have great skiing time, for practicing it’s a different story. Try to find the right spot in advance to utilize your learned skills and techniques before you go all in. Inspect the terrain beforehand, check out some popular skiing spots, watch some professional skiers going through certain terrain, and so on.

Get physically equipped

Cross-country skiing, Nordic skiing or skating is tremendously fun but at the same time demanding activity both for novice skiers and experts as well. You must prepare your entire body and muscles to be strong and fit so that your body could succumb to harsh weather conditions and difficult terrain. The key is to do lots of long, medium-difficulty cardio or aerobic workouts in combination with strength, resistance and balance exercises. For that matter, it would be useful to get resistance training equipment ​that would help you attain the necessary strength needed to physically complete the cross-country skiing route.

Boost your endurance and stamina

It is vital to do strength and resistance training because poling requires sufficient shoulder and arm strength, but as crucial is to do endurance workouts. You mustn’t forget about boosting your overall fitness before the skiing season so that you could go longer distances. Combine strength and endurance workouts with cardio ones. ​Do pistol squats and single-leg squats along with box jumps, go running and cycling afterward. Use a rowing machine or go hiking with poles to get your upper body ready. You should work on your upper body power as well because for Nordic skiing you need to exude your upper core and muscles.

Choose the apparel wisely

Bear in mind that skiing is an extreme sport, so be prepared for an active holiday. Active means sweating, so adapt your attire for the right weather conditions. Choose fitness clothes that are wind and moist resistant, opt for insulating material just as you would use when running. Remember to layer up smartly because you will heat up quickly as well, and always wear a waterproof jacket as an outer layer.

Utilize cardio and balance workout maximally

When getting ready for the new ski season, you must aim to get better, hence work on improving your skiing technique. Balance is vital for that. ​Try roller skating or roller skiing.​ As a proper preparation technique to get your joins in sync. Practice maintaining solid balance since you will be weaving around the tracks, altering your poling and striding. Besides a perfect balance you by doing these exercises you would also improve your coordination which will give you a heads up to achieve meticulous cross-country skiing results.

Open the new ski season by indulging in fabulous and one of the most beautiful outdoor snow sports like cross-country skiing. Follow the above-mentioned tips to stay ahead of the game and to prepare yourself for productive ski season.


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