Five Fun Cross-Country Ski Centers Close to NYC  

FasterSkierJuly 30, 2020
Mt. Van Hoevenberg. Photo: courtesy of Mt. Van Hoeveberg.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people skipped their summer vacations. We don’t know what will happen by the time ski season is open, but we hope for the best. Hopefully, we’ll be back to the old normal instead of adjusting to the “new normal.

Cross-country skiing will be possible even in the new normal circumstances. Maybe we’ll skip the after-ski parties and get-togethers. Skiing is an individual sport, which allows you to maintain physical distancing.

So there’s nothing wrong in planning your winter getaway.

We can give you an idea! We’ll list the top 5 cross-country ski centers that are close to NYC.

Cross-Country Skiing: 5 Centers Close to NYC

  1. High Point Cross Country Ski Center

This center is located in the High Point State Park in Sussex, New Jersey. Snow is practically guaranteed during winter. It’s a breathtaking scenery with 15 km of neatly-groomed trails.

This is a safe place for entire families. Since cross-country skiing is not the type of rebellious and high-adrenaline sport like freestyle skiing or snowboarding, it’s perfect for kids. The center is dog-friendly, so feel free to spend some time bonding with your best friend, too.

The High Point Cross Country Ski Center is peaceful, so students often use it as a place where they can combine their winter vacation with studying or research work. Let’s be honest: most of them will decide to pay for essay and relax because Edubirdie will do it. But if you have to devote part of your vacation to studying or work, this place will help you achieve the perfect balance.

  1. Olympic Sports Complex – Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Mt. Van Hoevenberg is located just outside of Lake Placid, NY. It has the longest cross-country skiing trail in the region (50 km of marked trails). The site is regularly maintained, and the security patrols will make you feel safe.

This option works great for both beginner and intermediate skiers. The trails are rated, so you’ll know what works for you. You don’t have to worry about traffic while you’re exploring the sites, since there are bridges that serve for cross-country skiers.

The center offers programs and lessons that can help you polish up your skiing skills.  Best of all, a transformational restoration is nearly complete and by November 1, 2020 you will be able to enjoy the facilities which will rival any ski center in the world.

  1. Frost Valley

Frost Valley is a dedicated cross-country skiing center in the Catskills Mountains. You’ll have an opportunity to explore over 25 km of well-maintained trails.

The site is perfect for family retreats, but it’s even better for student programs. College and youth groups regularly choose it for their winter and summer vacations. In winter, they can learn how to ski with certified instructors. They can be part of an organized morning routine, so they will bond with the group while obtaining a new skill.

The accommodation is lovely, and it’s available in a few versions: cabins, home-style and hotel-style suites, dorm-style lodges, modern lodges, and more.

  1. Mohonk Mountain House

Are you more of a resort type of person? You want to indulge in comfort and a healthy dose of luxury? You’ll love the Mohonk Mountain House, located in the Hudson Valley. It’s a Victorian castle resort that’s been founded in 1869 and is still operated by the Smiley family.

Yes; this is a luxury destination. However, it’s not a pretentious and rigid place. On the contrary; it offers great recreation opportunities. There’s a vast area with perfect cross-country skiing trails around the castle. The resort offers various programs that help you to reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit. The food is absolutely amazing, given the fact that it’s prepared by award-winning chefs.

  1. Fahnestock Winter Park

Beginner skiers enjoy Fahnestock Winter Park, but it has trails for experienced ones as well. It’s located in the Hudson Valley, and it offers 18 km of mapped and maintained trails. This park is especially suitable for families, who find the terrain easily accessible.

The cottages are perfect for those who prefer a rustic, homey vibe. You can bring your own food and pay only for the accommodation. That’s a very affordable way to spend a nice winter vacation. The cottages may be humble, but there are modern log cabin options as well.

Cross-Country Skiing Is Awesome!

This is the perfect winter sport to practice during the times of “new normal.” There’s no waiting in lines. You’ll just put your skis on and head off to explore the tracks. It’s a peaceful way to explore nature and reconnect with yourself. This might be the most meditative winter sport of all.


BIO: Jeremy Raynolds has been enjoying snowboarding a bit too much during his youth. After a few injuries, he decided to shift towards cross-country skiing. Who knew that this peaceful sport would be so adventurous? Jeremy loves exploring new centers and recommending them to his readers.   


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