The Devon Kershaw Show: The Ruka Triple — So Far So Good, a Great World Cup Opener

Devon KershawNovember 30, 2020


This episode of The Devon Kershaw Show is supported by Boulder Nordic Sport. We appreciate their ongoing partnership as we cover the World Cup. 


So much to break down. Ruka, Finland presented a challenge on several fronts. The women and men contested a classic sprint, a 10 k / 15 k interval start classic, and a 10 k / 15 k skate pursuit over a three day period. A great way to exhaust some of the fastest skiers and a great way to entice us back into the verbal throws on the podcast discussing who is on form, and who maybe missed the kick.

The racing in Finland transpired as the globe wrestles with a pandemic. As it should be, we discuss all the racing – the Norwegians, the Swedes, the U.S. team, the Russians – and how the pandemic has impacted the scene.

The Ruka, Finland racing/jumping complex. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Take an hour of your day, allow yourself to unwind and let Devon be your World Cup escape. This is sixty minutes jam packed with classic, skate, sprint and distance bliss.

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This episode contains one potty word. 

Devon Kershaw

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