The Devon Kershaw Show: A Birthday, Spicy Food, and the Solid Sprinting from Dresden

Devon KershawDecember 21, 2020


Full disclosure, we do get to the Dresden sprints, we swear, but it takes a few minutes in this episode.

On a day when Devon’s began his 39th trip around the sun –  it was his birthday on December 20th – the discourse shimmied to a full spectrum of topics – most of which directly tie into sliding on snow. (For the most part.)

There’s the chat about backcountry skiing and the lovely video edits from Norwegian big-mountain ski phenom Nikolai Schirmer. Devon has lost some time to the wormhole that is Schirmer’s video series documenting his ascents and descents in Norway’s Lyngen Alps. (Honestly, if you are looking for an escape, this could be a good indoor choice.) For parents worried about their children growing up to be ski-mountaineers – Schirmer did graduate from law school.

In this episode, we also devaite and talk spicy food in Norway, and, by his own admission, Devon’s relative intolerance for serious spiciness. And yes, there is talk of the weekend’s sprinting in Dresden, Germany. The World Cup appears to have pulled it off, a no-fans city-sprint affair along the Elbe River in what was a sunny and spring-like Dresden.

The U.S. men placed four skiers in the top-15 with Simi Hamilton in fifth, Kevin Bolger in sixth, Logan Hanneman in 12th, and JC Schoonmaker in 14th. A very good day at the sprint office. Caldwell Hamilton and Jessie Diggins went second and fourth, respectively, for the U.S. women, with Julia Kern in 12th, and Hannah Halvorsen earning her first World Cup points in 23rd.

Dresden ski loop at night. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Have a good holiday season. …. And if you are wondering, here’s a shot of some of the hardware from the medal haul grab-bag. (All medals assured to be those of the boss.)

Goods from the medal haul grab-bag. (Photo: Devon Kershaw)

Devon Kershaw

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