The Devon Kershaw Show: Stage 5 of the Tour de Ski – The 10 k and 15 k Classic Pursuit

Devon KershawJanuary 6, 2021

The Tour de Ski’s Stage 5 cliff notes: A feisty race from both Diggins and Brennan. Diggins places third, Brennan fourth. In the men’s race, Schumacher paces to 15th, and a wall of red as Bolshunov is simply peerless.

The women’s Stage 5 podium: 06.01.2021, Toblach, Italy (ITA): Ebba Andersson (SWE) second, Yulia Stupak (RUS) first, and Jessie Diggins (USA) third, (l-r). (Photo: NordicFocus)
Gus Schumacher, bib 14, on his way to 15th on the stage. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Devon Kershaw

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