FS Gear Reviews: The Norrøna lofoten hiloflex200 Hood

Ella HallMarch 9, 2021

I am a woman of many jackets, combine my down jacket and exercise jacket collection and you could fill a respectably sized closet. In the months since the lofoten hiloflex200 jacket by Norrøna entered my wardrobe, it has risen through the jacket ranks to become one of my favorite options. That being said, I tend to run warm and since the number of cold days seems to be decreasing here in south-eastern France, the opportunities for me to use the jacket have been somewhat limited. Climate change aside, the lofoten hiloflex200 is a great all-around option. Whether it’s back-country touring, cross-country skiing, pavement-pounding running, or windy bike rides, this jacket does it all. 

Fleece-lined and with a durable, wind-resistant exterior the lofoten hiloflex200 is the perfect in-between jacket for me. There’s a maxim for ski-touring that can be applied to most high-output endeavors: start cold. Traveling uphill, or running, or striding, it’s only a matter of time until the body heats up.  

Model displays the lofoten hiloflex200 in action (Photo: Norrøna)

For me, on a cold, clear day of touring with whipping wind above tree-line this jacket kept me warm and comfortable, and I found that I didn’t have to make multiple stops to shed and don layers with each minor temperature change. On days when I planned an easy distance nordic outing when temperatures hovered in the mid-20’s, the lofoten hiloflex200 was an excellent choice to keep me warm but not too hot.

In today’s mask-filled world, the jacket’s high zip collar had the added benefit of not only keeping me cozy and protected from wind-chill, but additionally serving as a temporary mask if I was passing other recreators. Furthermore, as someone who really loves any garment with a hood, the hood on the lofoten hiloflex200 was a big bonus for me. The hood also has a built-in balaclava feature that I would not recommend for casual wearing (unless it’s Halloween perhaps), though I would imagine this could be useful under a helmet for some cold descents. 

The hood, featuring a pop-out mask option.

Other notable features of the jacket include elastic hand-gaiter options at the cuffs which I have employed many times while running or biking. Perhaps my favorite feature of the jacket however is the large chest zipper pocket. My experience with women’s technical clothing has often left me wanting in the pocket department, especially since I tend to take a lot of photos while out and thus appreciate having quick and easy access to my phone. The chest pocket in the lofoten hiloflex200 is super accessible and perfectly sized for storing a phone or a mid-workout snack. 

Handy zipper pocket, easily accessible for storing bars, a phone, or anything else.

The size and cut of the jacket is another thing I appreciate about its design. I am 5’7” and 140 lbs and when choosing a size I often oscillate between small and medium. In this case, I went with a small and was glad for it. Slim fitting, but not too short in the torso, the lofoten hiloflex200 is well cut and doesn’t feel or look bulky at all. It weighs just 410 grams and is no burden to stuff into a backpack if you get too warm.

for drinkers, inhalers


The author wearing the lofoten hiloflex200 for a nordic outing in colder temperatures.

At $169.00, the lofoten hiloflex200 on the reasonable end of midweight ski layers. Its durability and versatility seem to justify the investment. This jacket is built to last and with three months of use shows no sign of wear or tear. Furthermore, it seems to occupy a unique category of its own in terms of adaptability. 

A high collar, great pockets, well-cut: this jacket covers all the bases. (Photo:Norrøna)

As a self-proclaimed jacket expert, I can say I have yet to encounter a jacket that matches the range of utility of the lofoten hiloflex200. While I may own many jackets, this one holds its own as a bridge between my lightweight nordic ski jackets, and the warmer down options.

I look forward to many more adventures in the coming years, sporting the snappy red lofoten hiloflex200.

Ella Hall

Growing up in Washington’s Methow Valley, Ella was immersed in skiing and the ski community from a young age. From early days bundled in the pulk, to learning to ski as soon as she could walk, to junior racing, a few seasons of collegiate racing, and then to coaching, she has experienced the ski world in many forms. Now, as a recent graduate from Dartmouth College, she finds herself living in France splitting her time between teaching English at a university in Lyon, avidly following ski racing (and now writing about it!) and adventuring in the outdoors as often as possible.

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