Pioneer Midwest – Huge Spring Sale

Pioneer MidwestMarch 17, 2021

Spring Sale

We have huge discounts on all products across our website and in-store starting today, March 16th! Online prices are already updated so there is no need for a discount code. Pricing on all of these products is laid out below:

40% off Clothing
20% off Skis
20% off Boots
20%off Bindings
20% off Poles
20% off Wax and Tools

Stone Grinding Special
After a long season of skiing,  your ski bases have been exposed to a whole mix of changing snow conditions. Whether it be dirt, heat from the iron, or simply abrasive snow conditions, your skis have seen wear and are slowing down and not retaining wax like they once could. Now is an excellent time to treat your skis to a stone grind so they are ready to go for next season. By removing old, sealed base material and giving yourself fresh new structure, you are guaranteeing a fast set of skis when you get back on snow next season.

Get your Skis Ready for Next Season
Ski Cleaning and Storage Wax
Get your skis prepped for the offseason with our end-of-season cleaning and storage waxing. For just $10 have your skis thoroughly cleaned, brushed, and coated with a layer of protective paraffin for the summer!
Ski Picking
Start planning ahead for next season and get your name added to our pick list! Adding your name to the pick list guarantees a rocket-fast pair of skis picked just for you on one of our picking trips coming up this offseason. Whether you are looking for an addition to your fleet of race skis, or a new go-to pair of daily skis, nothing beats a handpicked pair of skis.
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