The Devon Kershaw Show: 2021 World Championships 15 k Skate with Kris Freeman

Devon KershawMarch 3, 2021


For what it is worth, and it is worth something, the 15 k interval start skate at the 2021 World Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany lived up to the hype as the race of truth. Coming in, we would have expected Russia’s Alexander Bolshunov to search, seek, and destroy every centimeter of this salted and then melting course. It was a grind for all. And throughout the laps on a brutal course, the Russian was subdued by a Norwegian trifecta on the podium.

Hans Christer Holund took the win. And even a flash-to-his-past Martin Johnsrud Sunday (NOR) put on a show placing seventh.

Gliding in for a championship win in the men’s 15 k skate: Hans Christer Holund of Norway. (Photo: NordicFocus)

You can read up on the full-race report here. In the meantime, on the podcast today is American distance ski legend Kris Freeman. He’s here to fill us in on the sufferfest that is the 15 k and provide some perspective on this marquee event.

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Kris Freeman racing in Canmore, Alberta back in 2010.


Kris Freeman (USA)racing in Oslo back in 2011.

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Devon Kershaw

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