The Devon Kershaw Show: 2021 World Championships Women’s 30 k Classic

Devon KershawMarch 6, 2021


Here’s Therese Johaug after her dominant 30 k classic performance at the 2021 World Championship: “I never have been in such good shape. I am so happy. I’m 33 years and I know I’m getting older and older and I know that this time ends soon, so I am just so happy.”

Norway’s Therese Johaug wins the mass start classic after dominating for 30 k. (Photo: NordicFocus)

What the World Cup field has historically known is a Johaug in shape. Outright, she’s likely the best distance skier of all-time. What the field of skiers witnessed today was Johaug as clutch as ever. She soloed off the front early in the race, padded her lead with even more time, she won by 2:34. 2 over teammate Heidi Weng, as she remains untouchable as the championships closed out for the women. She raced three individual events in the 15 k skiathlon, 10 k skate, and 30 k mass start classic. She leaves Oberstdorf with three golds.

Therese Johaug on course during the World Championship 30 k classic in Oberstdorf, Germany. (Photo: NordicFocus)

In this 60 minute episode, we chat about Johaug, how it all played out, and what happened behind her during the 30 k grind.

Thanks for listening – one more World Champs race to go.

Devon Kershaw

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