The Devon Kershaw Show: Closing it Out — Diggins Wins the Overall and the Engadin Experience with Bill McKibben

Devon KershawMarch 14, 2021
The main point of the weekend was the coronation of Jessie Diggins as the overall winner of the cross-country World Cup. She becomes the first American woman to do so. Historic? Yes. Adding to the crystal collection, she’ll haul across the Atlantic on her trip home the distance globe too.
Jessie Diggins: Crystal globe winner – overall and distance. (Photo: NordicFocus)
We discuss the racing in Engadin, Switzerland which consisted of mass start classic races on Saturday and fun point to point skate races on Sunday to close out the season.
Ebba Andersson, leading the pack with the Swiss Alps as witness. (Photo: NordicFocus)
And on the podcast to discuss the racing, Diggins, the retirements of Sophie Caldwell and Simi Hamilton, and all the other myriad topics is longtime cross-country skier, climate activist, and writer Bill McKibben. (Bill knows well the whimsical nature of the podcast.)
We are shameless subscribers to The New Yorker. However, if you are not, and still have a free article to burn through this month, check out McKibben’s piece titled, The Cross-Country Skier Jessie Diggins Makes History In A Year Of Covid-19 And Climate Change
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