Global Athlete Announces New Podcast (Press Release)

FasterSkierJune 15, 2021

Press Release

15 June 2021: Global Athlete is pleased to announce an exciting expansion in our efforts toward athlete-driven change across the world of sport- a new athlete-led podcast seeking to broaden the conversation about power, accountability, and athlete rights in international sport.

Hosted by 2x Olympian and Global Athlete startup group member Noah Hoffman and featuring guest hosts and Global Athlete members Bree Schaaf and Caradh O’Donovan, the 14-episode first season of our weekly podcast will serve to educate athletes and the public through in-depth conversations about international sport governance, athlete rights, and the future of the Olympic and Paralympic games. Along with the hosts, listeners will learn about the ways the current international sport governance system functions, how it serves or fails to serve athletes, and how it might be changed to better serve athletes and the broader sport community.

“As an athlete I felt powerless within the Olympic and Paralympic movement, but I didn’t understand the system well enough to fight for my rights. My work with Global Athlete changed that, and I now understand how the power dynamics in international sport are skewed towards administrators and away from athletes. I hope this podcast will help athletes and others understand the system well enough to fight for their rights,” said Noah Hoffman.

“I am thrilled that Noah is leading the Global Athlete podcast. He brings an extensive understanding of the sports movement that will enable him to dive deep into the facts. Knowledge and research drive change and I trust this podcast will do just that. I hope it will enable and empower athletes to be a part of the solution for stronger athletes’ rights,” said Rob Koehler, Global Athlete Director General.

Knowledge is power. In an era where athletes are finding their voice thanks to social media and using it for social change, sports remain reluctant to meaningfully engage athletes and athlete groups. Athletes want to help grow sport and contribute to strong governance that prioritizes athlete safety and welfare and have been using their voice to help shape the future of sport irrespective of having a seat at the table.

Athletes are ready for change, and we have a unique opportunity to get ahead of the sports movement to grow sport into the next century. Raising awareness is a crucial step toward that change.

Click here to listen to the first episode, or search ‘Global Athlete’ on your preferred podcast platform!

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