The Best Skiing-Themed Slot Games

FasterSkierJuly 17, 2021
University of Denver (DU) Head Nordic Coach Dave Stewart during a backcountry ski on Berthoud Pass in the Colorado Rockies in 2015. (Courtesy photo)

From an early age human beings show a predisposition for games and playing. Children learn best through playing, and guess what? Adults learn new things easier through playing, and what’s more, most adults could benefit from playing just for fun.

The value of playing games, regardless of your age, has been proven over and over again. And, as the online gaming industry has seen nothing but growth since its beginnings in 1980, the story doesn’t end here.

Online gaming progressed alongside the development of better computer systems and the internet. As all three technologies advanced, it makes sense that games became more popular, entertaining, and high-quality.

Millions of people all over the world play games daily, and this includes online casino games. Birck-and-mortar casinos started building their online gaming platforms as soon as it became apparent that new generations of players prefer the convenience of playing from anywhere.

Again, technological advancements had a lot to do with this. Anyone with a smartphone or handheld device can access, play, and win using 50 free spins at an online game.

Slot games are some of the most popular online casino games you can play. Since they are easy to play, have awesome graphics, and most come with free sign-ups and bonuses, slots have also transformed over time.

Themed slots are super popular for many reasons:

  • They are fun and easy to play
  • They now come with incredible graphics
  • They include some awesome soundtracks
  • They’re cheap (if you’re playing the real money variety)
  • You can play them for free, in demo mode
  • They come with tons of extras, bonuses, and free spins

What Are the Best Skiing-Themed Slot Games?

Winter sports can be competitive or done for fun. Whether you’re a fan of skiing, ice-skating, or just like to throw a snowball once in a while, there’s a slot game for you.

The following 5 winter-themed slot games are easy and fun, and can definitely keep you engaged during those long, cold winter nights. Try them in the summer and see if they remind you of the cold season.

1.   Icy Wilds

The Icy Wilds slot game comes with 50 pay lines and an awesome Wilds feature. You trigger the Wilds feature by hitting a full-stack.

These can be Crowns, Rings, Hearts, Snow Leopards, Snow Owls, or Ermines. This feature can trigger multiple wild reels during the same spin.

The game also features Synchronized Reels and a Free Spin Bonus. You can start by putting in 50p, while the maximum you can go up to is £25.

2.   Queen of Winter Wins

If you’re looking for a winning streak, then Queen of Winter Wins is the best choice for you. This happens because any three matching symbols on one line lock in place as the next spin starts.

The game comes with a bonus for locking a full reel. This happens when the Ice Queen decides to drop an icicle which turns any symbol into a wild.

This type of symbol stacking is pretty unique among online slot games out there. The more matching symbols you get the more they lock into place and the chances for a big win increase.

3.   Siberian Storm

If you’re looking for 720 ways to win, look no further than the Siberian Storm slot game. You can get up to 240 free spins for a single Free Spins Bonus round and if you trigger the Multiway Xtra feature you’ll be able to match symbols in two directions.

This means that you can match symbols from the left or right, on three or more adjacent columns. This game gives you a range between 50p and £15, so you don’t require a big investment to have a little fun.

4.   Penguin Splash

With an array of cute arctic animals, it is no wonder that Penguin Splash is a player favorite. The symbols are represented by the mighty walrus, the fierce polar bear, the killer whale, and the slick seal.

You’ve got three penguins as scatter cards and the wild symbol is aptly represented by the ice cod. The graphics are high-quality and culminate with the penguins dancing when you hit a win.

You’ll get multiple 25 free spins that are sometimes multiplied by 2. The big wins, multiple free spins, and excellent graphics make this slot game a 5-star gaming experience.

5.   Arctic Race

The Arctic Race slot game is a dog sleigh race that transports you to the land of eternal white scenery. You have 243 ways to win with a return to player of 95,17%.

The pack of dogs, of course, represents the wild symbols. A dog and sled, the campfire, mountains, and driver, together with A to 9 playing cards are the winning symbols. Maybe you have heard about Wildz casino? If not, you should definitely check it out immediately. They offer amazing bonus – 500eur + 200 free spins.

You’ll get multipliers, free spins, re-spins, and wild scatters that increase your chances of winning big.


The sports-related symbols, arctic animals, and matching soundtrack make these winter-themed slots super fun for winter game aficionados.

Whether you’re looking to just pass the time, have fun, or win at these skiing-themed games the next time you’re looking for some entertainment online. Most of these come in demo mode, so you’ll be able to try them out before committing any funds.


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