Things You Must Do on a Finnish Winter Ski Holiday

FasterSkierOctober 18, 2021
The Ruka, Finland racing/jumping complex. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Finland is a magical place to be in the winter months. You can admire the northern lights and immerse yourself in the Finnish culture.

Of course, it is also a great place to enjoy skiing, dog sledding, Actic swimming as well as snowmobiling. It is also a great place for people looking for adventures. You can also enjoy some interesting meals and sip coffees at Nordic cafes.

Finns are some of the world’s biggest coffee consumers in the world, and you can enjoy some of the best coffee there is on the planet right here.

You should also be aware that it also gets dark fast in Finland, so when you are not skiing, you must entertain yourself in other ways.

The Finnish Saunas

Winter is the ideal time to enjoy the classic Nordic spa tradition of the sauna. It is a popular ritual available across Scandinavia, but which is more popular in Finland.

If you are looking to warm up, a trip to a Finnish sauna is a good way to activate your blood circulation and relax the muscles.

It is recommended that you take a dip in a cool pool or the lake once you are done. By exposing your body to extremely low and high temperatures, you will boost your immune system.

Play games

Now, if you are looking to play games, you can join many social events taking place at your ski resorts. Ski resorts are a fantastic way to meet other people as you discuss your favourite sport and admire the scenery.

If you are sitting in the comfort of your own room, you can also join some online gaming activities. Better known as kasino ilman rekisteröintiä in Finnish, casinos without registration are a quick and effective way to play real money games without the unnecessary lengthy process of registration.

You can still meet like-minded people at online casinos, including at live casinos where you can chat with dealers and other players.

Admire the Northern Lights

One of the main attractions of heading to Scandinavia is to admire the Aurora Borealis. You can look for them all over Northern Finland. Since this part of the country lies within the Arctic Circle, it makes it a prime spot to admire the northern lights, since it is very close to the North Pole.

Watch as the sky lights up in various hues of purple, bright green and pink.

Learn about Sami Culture

If you are visiting Lapland, you are very likely to meet the indigenous people better known as the Sami. These people live in the northern parts of countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway. The Sami have lived in these areas for thousands of years and have worked very hard to maintain their culture.

When you are in Finland, you can learn about their way of life and their strong connection with the land. They also rely on reindeer for nourishment.

You can also visit a reindeer farm and learn more about how the Sami are keeping their culture and traditions alive by sampling smoked reindeer meat and Souvas.

If you are travelling from outside Europe, Finland is a great place not only for skiing but to enjoy the Winter months as the northern lights make an appearance. The Northern Lights only appear at specific times of the year and since Finland enjoys very dark days, you will be able to see them best here.

Of course, there is much more to do when you are in Finland. You can visit Santa at Lapland, visit the Igloo Village, go dog sledding in the Finnish town of Kemi and take a swim in the ice-cold lakes.

This place is a magical place. Find activities that work best for you.


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