4 Things to Do Other than Skiing When You Go on a Skiing Vacation to Michigan

FasterSkierDecember 27, 2021
A snowy start to the 2013 Traverse City Trail Running Festival (Photo by Endurance Evolution).

The state of Michigan is one of the unsung gems of global skiing. Famed more for its lakes and valleys than for its peaks, the Wolverine State has a lot to offer anyone with a pair of skis. Not only does it boast the highest vertical drop in the US Midwest, but it also has highly boast-worthy downhill trails by the names of Kingdom Come, Voodoo Mountain, and Sidewinder.

As detailed in the comprehensive guide from Michigan, which you should take a look at if you plan on holidaying in the state, there’s a huge range of slopes for all experience levels and skillsets. You can go to the Northwest, Northern Michigan, Southwest, Southeast, or the Upper Peninsula. Regardless of where you go, though, you’ll want to know what you can do when enjoying downtime from the skiing.

So, here are four things to do other than skiing when you go on a winter vacation to Michigan.

1. Pick a resort that delivers the thrills off of the slopes

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Michigan for skiing is to book a room at one of the state’s premier resorts. As you’d imagine, doing this opens up a whole world of entertainment opportunities before and after you stack the skis up for the day. The highest-rated of these resorts when you read here is the Big Snow Resort. Nestled between Indianhead Mountain and Blackjack Mountain, the resort delivers the slopes and the downtime options necessary to enjoy a comprehensive vacation. You’ll find live music each weekend, yoga sessions, tubing, climbing, and eight restaurants from which to choose.

2. Kick back and make use of the state’s online casino gaming

Michigan is one of the states in the USA that offers fully-regulated online casino gaming, making it a novelty of on-demand entertainment in the country. What’s especially appealing to newcomers to online gambling in Michigan, however, is that you can get bonus funds to play the top games on a given site without depositing any money. All that you need to do is check this out and get a no-deposit bonus from one of the trusted, well-reviewed online casinos in Michigan. After that, you’re free to play slots, table games, and anything else that you fancy trying on the platform, provided that you have an internet connection.

3. Venture into the nearby town or city to try a local delicacy

Whether you’re coming to Michigan from another state or another country, you’d be amazed at how the state has leaned into its fame for certain foods. On hearing of them, many would scoff and assume that they can get the same anywhere else, but in Michigan, certain foods have become a true delicacy. If you find yourself near Mackinac Island, you have to get the fudge. Over on Coney Island, having a hot dog – or three – is a must. Finally, just about anything done with whitefish, from fried to chowder, is well worth trying.

4. Tour one of the finest wine regions in the world

Much like skiing, not too many people categorize Michigan under the banner of wine countries, but it certainly stands among the world’s big hitters. For the experience, one of the best places to go is Traverse City, home to Mt. Holiday, where you can tour several world-class wineries. With over 40 producing wines in the local area, thanks to the natural insulation of Lake Michigan, per the city website, you can enjoy day tours of several scenic and classy locations.

While skiing is certainly the hidden highlight of a trip to Michigan, you should make the most of your downtime to experience all of the other great things that the Wolverine State has to offer.


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