Athletes on the Road – How Do They Prepare

FasterSkierDecember 26, 2021
Östersund, Sweden hosted the opening IBU World Cup weekend as it has on many occasions. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Have you ever wondered what do sportsmen and sportswomen do when they are on the road as they are heading to the next tournaments and championships? Well, who hasn’t? If you want to spend a day on the road with an athlete, you might not have a chance to do this, but there are other ways to find out. Keep reading, and you will get to know how do athletes spend time when traveling.

Traveling like every other person

Being an athlete doesn’t significantly change the way sportsmen and sportswomen travel. After all, they won’t have their daily training on a plane or bus, or they won’t follow their everyday routine because it’s a break from that routine. So athletes will be doing all those things every other traveler does. They might read a book, listen to a podcast or play on their smartphones. Some of them might opt for video games or feel a bit of well-known adrenaline in no-download free slots on sites like VegasSlotsOnline. They, too, want to have fun on popular platforms and try their luck like everyone else. However, there are some tricks and things that only professional athletes would do when traveling.

“My breakfast varies depending on the day and what we have for food in our kitchen, but one of my favorite easy breakfasts is buttered toast, scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado, and salt!”

Eat like a champion

One of the things that are different while travelling is food and eating habits – for all people. Those on strict diets try their best to keep up with them in difficult conditions, while others enjoy the possibility to try something different and let themselves be spoiled once in a while. How is it with professional athletes? Do they care what they eat on the road, or do they rather let themselves loose?

It all depends on the individual rules and habits of an athlete, but also on the type of sports they do and whether they keep up with the training routine. Most of them will prefer to stick to healthy meals, with one or two cheat meals on the way. Sometimes, however, it might be challenging. To make sure that they neither lose nor gain any pounds, the majority of athletes on the road take care of their own meals and prepare them whenever they have a chance. It’s interesting to know some tips they have. They pack supplements and vitamins or make use of what they can find locally. Even their snacks are thought-through and well-balanced. The Outside website published an article in which the athletes themselves share tips and secrets concerning food on the road.

Hailey Swirbul of the USST D-team during a strength session at the USST Park City, Utah training camp this October (Photo: Reese Brown)

Training routine without routine

An athlete on the road is still an athlete and as such needs training. Due to obvious reasons, they will not be as challenging and tiresome as the ones at home, but some movement is required. If an athlete travels on a budget, there might be no place nor a possibility to do even the simplest exercises. However, when a private bus or plane enters into the equation, you might be surprised by the athletes’ creativity. They can exercise on the aisle, using seats, bags or whatever turns out to be handy.

Packing masters

Athletes travel a lot, and that requires from them great packing skills. They need to fit into one or two pieces of luggage and take with them everything that might prove to be necessary. Besides clothes and personal belongings, athletes need a lot of other things, too. Their packing list might include supplements, vitamins, snacks and a bottle of water (maybe even two). They might need a small, convenient piece of equipment for daily exercises and a smartwatch or other electronic device. Some cannot travel without a set of headphones, others require comfortable clothing. All of these items need to be packed, so athletes are sometimes real packing masters.


Athletes on the road

There are a lot of interesting items athletes take with them on the road or activities they perform along the way. The Travel website followed Olympic athletes to find out their ways of traveling. Some of them might be startling and unforeseen, even for the biggest sports fan. After all, no one follows an athlete to their coaches and airplanes. At least, we should hope they don’t do this. We just showed you other ways to know what your favorite athlete might be doing on the road.


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