Cross-Country Skiing for Students: 5 Reasons to Try It

FasterSkierFebruary 1, 2022
In addition to plugging back into his engineering job, Scott Patterson has been squeezing epic backcountry tours into his off-season reset. (Courtesy photo)

Sports have always been an important part of a student’s life. While in school and college, nearly all young people are trying themselves in different sports to find something that would suit them best. But, while football, baseball, and volleyball might be the most obvious options, there are many other sports worth trying, and cross-country skiing is among them.

Unlike snowboarding or freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing might seem a bit old-fashioned. But, those who have tried it once inevitably come back to it over and over again. And here are five reasons why.

  1. It Has a Meditative Effect

Students’ lives are hectic and, thus, stressful. Moreover, due to the burden of a substantial academic load, most young people experience a wide range of mental health issues and, often, it feels impossible to reach a state of peace. And that’s when it makes pretty good sense to request professionals to do my homework for me by and go on your first cross-country skiing getaway.

People who’ve tried it claim that this type of sport can be extremely tranquilizing. Sliding down a snowy hill, hearing the sound of breaking snow crystals under your skis, and enjoying lots of time in the fresh air – all these things justify the meditative effect of cross-country skiing. Thus, if you are feeling stressed and anxious, the first reason to give it a try is that it can help you enjoy peace and tranquility.

  1. It Is a Perfect Workout

One of the primary reasons students do sports is that it helps them stay fit and healthy. From this point of view, cross-country skiing is just perfect because it is known as one of the best types of workouts that one can do.

First and foremost, this type of sport is recognized as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. Respectively, it can improve your stamina, significantly reduce various health risks, strengthen your heart, and, at the same time, protect your mental well-being, which is especially important for students.

Lastly, cross-country skiing also helps you build strengths. It is this type of workout that gets your entire body working. Thus, by practicing it regularly, you can build up your strength and muscles and, of course, stay fit.

  1. There Are No Queues

Going skiing at some resort can indeed be fun. However, everyone who has tried it knows that crowds of people and endless queues can really spoil your skiing experience. Now, guess what? If you opt for cross-country skiing, you will never have to wait in lines.

One of the best parts of this sport is that it puts you one-on-one with you and nature. There are no other people around unless you want to take someone with you. There are no crowds of tourists on lift lines. To get started, all you need is to put on your skis, and you are all ready to set off. This makes it a perfect getaway from busy and noisy dorms.

  1. Fewer Risks

There is no secret that various winter sports activities can be pretty risky. Basically, there is always a risk of getting hurt or injured when you are engaging in winter sports. But, not if you choose cross-country skiing. Compared to other winter sports activities, this one is considered to have fewer risks.

Basically, the only hazard is that you might fall onto the snow surface. Apart from this, it is generally less traumatizing. So, if you are afraid of getting injured but still want to enjoy winter sports, it might be a good option to consider.

  1. It’s Great for Beginners

Getting into any sport is quite hard, especially when it comes to sports requiring the knowledge of the proper techniques, tactics, and special skills. It can take months and even years to master a new sport in such cases—no need to say that some students may simply not have enough time for this.

This brings us to the next reason to try cross-country skiing – it is quite easy. People who try it confirm that getting on skis is not at all as hard as it can seem. Thus, this kind of sport is perfect for beginners, as well as for those who want to stay active but don’t want to engage in any complex professional sport.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the biggest reasons to try cross-country skiing. As you now know, this type of sport can be pretty beneficial for a student. Not only is it quite easy to master, but it is also a great workout and even a way to meditate and reduce stress.

If you have never tried cross-country skiing before, now you have a few good reasons to do it. So, don’t hesitate and give it a try!


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