Why Davos is a Top European Cross-Country Ski Destination

FasterSkierFebruary 2, 2022
Drone captures in Davos Switzerland (Photo: Julia Kern)

Cross-country skiers heading to Europe are spoilt for choice. The continent is packed with top-class destinations for all sorts of snow-related sports. For Nordic skiing, you might naturally assume that Norway should be top of your list but that all depends on want you want from your holiday.

If your priority is having access to the maximum number of kilometers possible, then Norway ticks that box. The resort of Geilo alone has around 550km of trails set in some of the continent’s most spectacular scenery. You ski across plateaus, down into valleys, through forests and alongside lakes in a true winter wonderland. If you are looking for a cross-country ski holiday that offers fantastic terrain and a little more away from the snow, there might be better options.

It may surprise you that the Norwegian Nordic ski team do most of their training in Davos, Switzerland. Teams from Russia, Sweden and Switzerland also use the area as their training camp. In fact, it has become epicenter of cross-country skiing in Europe. There, you’ll be mixing it with the professionals but also find plenty to do in your downtime.

The season kicks off in October, one of the earliest in Europe, and reveals over 100km of routes for skiers of all levels. The resort has a perfect mix of peaks and valleys offering everything from relaxed trails for newcomers in the Sertig and Dischmatal valleys, to the toughest routes for elite competitors in the Flulatal Valley.

Away from the slopes, Davos has plenty to offer. There’s a casino right in the middle of the resort with a striking glass exterior. The venue has that sophisticated feeling associated with high-end European establishments, but there is no pressure to dress too smartly if you don’t want to. You can enjoy all the games that you might expect, including roulette, blackjack, and poker. There’s also a huge number of slot machines with titles that will be familiar to those who play online at any of the sites featured in this new casinos article. It’s the kind of place that keeps buzzing with activity well into the small hours.

Those interested in art and culture are also well-catered to. Since 1870, Davos has been a destination for art and literary figures, including Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson and Albert Einstein. They were drawn to the resort by the health benefits that became associated with its mountain air during the 19th century. German artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner made Davos his home and there is now a museum and gallery named after him.

The resort is also a haven for food lovers with everything from high-class takeaways to fine dining, with options to suit all budgets and tastes. Some popular eateries include Montana Stube, Dorfbeiz, Cafe Weber Backerei Konditorei Bar, and the Golden Dragon, a local Chinese restaurant featured in the Michelin guide. And there are at least half a dozen Italian restaurants worthy of a visit, including the highly-rated Alpenhof Davos, which also offers great vegetarian and vegan options.

If you are a Nordic skiing fan planning a trip to Europe and want plenty to do around the clock, you should definitely have Davos on your shortlist.


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