10 Skiing Resorts Even Students Can Afford

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University of Denver nordic skier Trygve Markset during a backcountry ski at Fish Creek, Steamboat Springs, Colo., in 2014. (Courtesy photo)

When you are a college student, studying is the most important thing in your life. You are now laying the bricks for your future career wall. If you stick to all construction standards, you are going to become a successful, highly sought professional. In its turn, this means a stable income.

This is the opposite of what you are going through now. You spend most of your time studying. In addition to this, you have a part-time job to cover some extra expenses. Heavy workload and lack of time are your best friends and worst enemies at the same time.

Run Away Before You Burn Out

Everyone needs a break. It is important to switch to something that makes your life easier. By this, we do not only mean contacting Essaypro.com in search of professional help with your paper. Although their experienced team will deliver an excellent result, we are talking about something that can help you to avoid burnout. Skiing, for instance.

You might think that this is unrealistic. You would have to find one more part-time job to afford a skiing resort before you become a millionaire. Then you will be able to enjoy Courchevel, but this is years to go. Do not make snap judgments.

Affordable Skiing Resorts in the US

College students are in the risk zone for depression if they do not organize their leisure properly. Traveling has always been an efficient remedy. Physical activity is another great way to fight depression. So why not discover new states and go skiing there?

  1. Wildcat Mountain – Notch, New Hampshire

This is one of the steepest mountains in the region. The territory is vast, so it is equally good both for beginners and experienced skiers. Spectacular views open all the way long from the longest novice trail. You can stay in North Conway and enjoy the city’s old-fashioned shops and pubs.

  1. Alpine Meadows – Tahoe City, California

This skiing resort has the longest snow season in Tahoe. With over 100 trails, you can be sure that you will find something for your skill level. It is the locals’ favorite destination.

  1. Taos Ski Valley – Taos, New Mexico

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal. If you are a confident skier, this resort will be fun for you. It is a naturally steep terrain with a vertical drop of 2,612 feet. This area enjoys 300 days of sunshine annually. Be wise – do not pay an arm and a leg. Be cautious – do not break an arm and a leg.

  1. Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort – Bend, Oregon

Suppose Taos is too adventurous for you, head over to Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. You will have a marvelous family-friendly ski experience. The views of the Cascades are breathtaking. Drinks in Bend breweries are mouth-watering.

  1. Bridger Bowl – Bozeman, Montana

The key advantage of this resort for you is its location. This ski area is about 20 minutes away from the college town of Bozeman. So you can enjoy not only affordable lift tickets but also coffee shops, bookstores, and art galleries. Besides, you can spend one day visiting Yellowstone National Park – it is not too far.

Black sand basin in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
  1. Mad River Glen – Fayston, Vermont

The name of this resort speaks for itself. The motto ‘makes things worse’: Ski It If You Can. The mountain offers challenging trails, so choose this option only if you solemnly swear that you are up to no good.

European Skiing Resorts that a Student Can Afford

Even if you’re not on a full-ride scholarships you are welcome to explore the European resorts.

  1. Les Deux Alpes, France

Bonjour la France! You will love this resort for its low snowboarding and skiing costs. If you do not need private lessons, the offer is even more attractive. The hotels in the vicinity are affordable too. Bon voyage!

  1. Monterosa Ski, Italy

Ciao Italia! This resort is located in a large Three Valley area. If you are keen on alpine geographic formations, the history of Italy, or its religion, it is the right place for you. It is a great destination for cheap skiing holidays. Buon viaggio!

  1. Mayrhofen and Söll, Austria

Hallo Österreich! The beauty of the Alps is fascinating. They are well worth crossing half of the globe for. The hotels near Mayrhofen do not have exorbitant prices. Yet, in this case, it is cheaper to rent an apartment with a shared residence. Lanersbach is a good place to stay. It is quiet during the daytime and has a fantastic nightlife.

Söll offers interesting slopes for those on a budget. The best season is when the snow is high. If you want to check out various locations, you would have to use buses. The territory is considerable. Gute Reise!

Tips and Tricks for Demanding Skiers

Knowing the affordable places to go is important. But the icing on the cake is noting the life hacks for attending more expensive places. Do not expect them to work for Courchevel, Verbier, or Whistler. Be realistic.

But if you find a skiing destination of your dream with a cost slightly above the budget, we know how to make this dream come true. Just like there are tools to boost your grades, there are also tips to boost your payment capacity.

  • Go for 3 days instead of a week

Three days are enough for our body to switch both physically and mentally. So if you have a choice between a shorter stay in your dream resort and a longer holiday in a place you do not like so much, go for the first option. Of course, this makes more sense for domestic trips. If your flights last nearly as long as your vacation, it is not the best idea.

  • Stay a bit further

The hotels right next to the trails are more expensive. You can choose a cheaper option a bit further away. Transfer buses are usually not very expensive. You can save even more money if you share the costs for the accommodation or do some couch-surfing.

  • Bring your own everything

Ski or snowboarding rental is part of the expenses. If you have your own equipment, you do not have to spend extra money. Besides, you can carry your food and drinks. Thermos bottles will keep your tea or coffee warm.

  • Shared ski passes

This is a life hack for big companies. Check out the resorts that do not issue the ski passes in one’s name. Then you can split into two groups. The first group goes skiing before lunch, the second one – after it. Using the same ski passes!

  • Research new destinations

Famous resorts are more expensive because you pay for their reputation. Newly opened ones need time to prove that they are worth visiting. So they might be more generous with special offers and promotions. 

Do you still believe that skiing resorts are not designed for students? We hope not. So call your friends and tell them you are going to… Make a choice yourself. The world is yours.



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