Best Things to do While Skiing

FasterSkierMarch 2, 2022
Lizzie Larkins enjoying bluebird conditions in Norway (courtesy photo)


One of the most popular winter sports, skiing is popular the world over. It’s not just in countries that get a good deal of snowfall, people often incorporate skiing into their holiday.


It’s estimated that almost 15 million people ski in the United States, and Germany almost matches with 14.6 million. Though skiing is traditional in these countries, it’s also growing in the Asia Pacific region.


The most common demographic for skiers is young men from affluent backgrounds. However, there are affordable ski holidays to be had, especially if you don’t live far from the mountains.


The word ski is of Norse origin, and it means “stick of wood”. Although modern skis are more likely made of fibreglass, wood was what they were originally made of.


If you’ve booked a ski holiday, you’ll discover that there’s plenty of other things to enjoy. Most people just ski for part of the day, or during daylight hours and then look for other fun.


There are even things for non-skiers to try, so no one is left out.


Activities You Can Do on a Ski Holiday


There’s no doubt that a holiday in the mountains is different to a city break or seaside vacation. However, there is so much to engage people that you will never get bored.


Whether you want to be indoors or out in the snow, you’ll find amusement.


  1. Tubing

When your legs are weary or you have little ones in your party, tubing is a nice easy activity. Just hop on and feel the wind whish through your hair as you slide down on an inflatable tube.


  1. Spend time at the spa


Many, if not all, mountain resorts have at least one hotel with a spa attached. If you’re feeling the chill, it can be lovely to sit in the sauna or steam room.


Depending on where you are staying, you might be lucky enough to have an outdoor hot tub.


Alternatively, book a massage with one of the therapists. Often you’ll find qualified sports physiotherapists who can work on your sore muscles.


  1. Gaming

When you need some light amusement or there’s a snowstorm looming, why not play some online slots? This is a great way to while away some time by the fire.


There are even ski-themed online slots if you want to stay on brand during your winter break. Some favourites include:

  • Icy Wilds

There’s 50 pay lines on this, so the chance is there to win big. It’s only 50p a play and multiple wild reels can be triggered at once.


  • Queen of Winter Wins

This has a unique feature of symbol stacking and locking in wins. It’s an exciting game to play and look out for the Ice Queen.


You can find other top themed winter games here.


John Wood approaching Nome in the 1979 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, with ten dogs in harness. (courtesy photo)
  1. Dog Sledding


Dog lovers will absolutely love this chance to get close to Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes that usually drag sleds. These dogs are full of boundless enthusiasm and literally love dragging a sled along.


It’s also a pretty fun ride through the trees for a day time or night time excursion.


  1. Snap Some Cool Photos


Are you a budding photographer, or simply want some good Insta shots? Either way, ski resorts offer so many great opportunities for some winter photography.


The snow, the light, the skies at sunset over the mountains… it’s a beautiful winter wonderland. You can even get some action shots of your friends doing their thing on the slopes.


  1. Take a Day Trip


Depending on where your ski destination is, there may be many interesting day trips in the area. Many mountain resorts have festivals over the winter, so you could even check out music or theatre shows.


Look for lesser known museums and cultural gems – the mountains have them too.


  1. Fondue


Fondue is an activity, and anyone who lives near a ski resort will agree. Sit around a communal pot of melting cheese and dip bread or meat into the gooey goodness.


This will be one activity that your whole group won’t want to miss. The warm cheese is the perfect antidote to the cold night outside.


  1. Take a Leisurely Segway Ride


Skiing isn’t possible for everyone, but it doesn’t mean you can’t ride around in the snow. Specially built Segways can take you around, so you get to experience the snowy spaces in a more relaxing way.

This is an ideal activity if you have older relatives with you, or people who are less mobile.


  1. Adventure Parks


Check out if there’s a nearby adventure park and boost your adrenalin with climbing and zip-lining. They usually offer varying levels of difficulty so it’s fun for all the family.


  1. Stargazing


If you’ve had enough of Apres-ski, maybe take a walk to look at the stars. In colder climes, the air can be remarkably clear giving you a perfect view of the night sky.


Grab a thermos of tea or hot chocolate, find a quiet spot and marvel at the Big Dipper.


These are just ten ideas for great things to do on a ski holiday, but there are many more. Depending on whether you’re traveling with a group of friends, family members or as a couple, some will suit better.


One thing is for sure, your ski holiday doesn’t just have to be about skiing. You’ll make just as many memories off your skis as on them.


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