How To Start Cross Country Skiing

FasterSkierMarch 16, 2022

Cross country skiing is one of the best winter sports activities, and it is worth trying as it also brings health benefits. In case you are suffering from seasonal depression, cross-country skiing is the perfect antidote. This sport can significantly improve your mental health and mood. Consider the following tips on how to start cross country skiing.

Are you ready for the trails?

. To be fit for the trails, you need to strengthen your lower body muscles which will help you ski. Following are some tips to get fit for cross country skiing for beginners.

  • Set up a proper training schedule for skiing.
  • Start exercises six to eight weeks before the ski season.
  • Do a set of exercises twice or thrice a day.
  • If something hurts, then you should modify your exercise.
  • Do exercises such as Hip Roll, Squat Reverse Lunge to build your muscles.
  • Strengthen your hips, hamstrings, and quads to build your muscle power for skiing.
  • Do workouts that will help improve your balance.
  • You need to condition your body for the upcoming season by building your endurance.
  • You need to complement your exercise with cardio activity.
  • Rest for thirty to fifty seconds after completing each exercise.
  • Move at your own pace. Increase the number of sets as training progresses.
  • Make sure you have practiced proper techniques and safety requirements to get yourself fit for the skiing season.

By taking the right diet and working out consistently, you will ensure that you don’t have to call it quits in the skiing season.

Knowing the correct cross-country ski area is a must

Erica Lara, a cross country skiing lover who works at WriteMyEssayForMe, states that it is important to find the right area for skiing. You need to find the right place to enjoy this activity to the fullest. The ideal place would be a well-kept park with a few kilometers of flat ground in the middle of a forest. There are places that can be called the paradise of nature, and they have slopes on which you can descend at full speed. Such areas are ideal for any type of skiing.

Make sure you select an area not crowded with people to enjoy your cross-country skiing. Select lac that has breathtaking views so you can get closer to nature. Once you have selected your ski area, make sure you get familiar with the track. The question is cross country skiing hard depends on how well you are equipped and how much time you have spent getting familiar with the track.

It will be wise if you choose an easier trail as a beginner. You should not venture on a 15 to 20 km long one-way trail if you are a beginner. Consider the level of difficulty. By being too adventurous, you may get yourself in some trouble. Following are some well-known places suitable for cross country skiing.

  • Wolverine Nordic Trail System, The place has some of the best trails for skiing. The well-groomed 15 miles networks of tracks are open 24 hours, 7 days a week in the season.
  • Rikert Nordic Center, in the beautiful trails of this site, you will slide through maple groves as you cross country ski along the trail.
  • Devil’s Thumb Ranch, if you want to know what is cross country skiing and why it is so popular, then you should try cross country skiing on 75 miles of groomed trails at this site.
  • Gatineau Park is a dream spot for lovers of cross country skiing. If you love speed and nature, you would certainly like this place with many kilometers of trails and hills in the heart of the forest.
  • Parc régional des Grèves a lace between Sorel and Contrecoeur. It is a magnificent and well-kept park in the middle of the forest. If you want to get away from the crowds, it is the best place for cross country skiing.

Skating or classic? fun for you

Cross country skiing is different from regular downhill skiing. In cross country skiing, your classic cross country skis are pointed and are much narrower. Following are the two different popular techniques for cross country skiing.

  • The classic step, this technique is considered the most common technique for cross country skiing. This style is suitable for both professionals and beginners. The style is easy to learn, and the poles are mainly used for balancing.
  • The skate style is a technique where poles are used mainly to increase speed.  Double push movement with poles in each stride is used in this technique, and experts mostly use this technique.

Find the best equipment: Decide to rent it out or purchase

You must get the right equipment for the upcoming cross-country skiing season. Following are the basic types of equipment that you will need.

  • Skis, you need to select the right skis for you. The length of the skis depends on your weight. The best cross country skis for beginners are the skis with scales. This ski does not require maintenance, and it provides grip on uphill slopes.
  • Boots and bindings, you need to have the most flexible and relaxing boots for cross country skiing. You also require a compatible boot binding system, and you should be familiar with the working of our boot binding system.
  • Poles, you should select correctly sized poles for a better skiing experience.

You can rent skis, boots, and poles for cross country skiing as a beginner, and you can also borrow them from your friend.

You must know the weather forecasts – Just bad clothing

A question that bothers the skiers is what to wear cross country skiing. You need to dress appropriately and wisely to keep yourself dry and retain your body heat. Wearing layers would be best as you can add or remove depending on the weather and how you feel.

It’s good to know the fundamentals from a professional

Hiring an expert will be a wise move. An expert will guide you properly, and you will be able to enjoy the experience of cross country skiing. By learning the basics from an expert, you will avoid the risk of being seriously injured. Many experts can help you learn this exciting sport.

You should try this amazing sport of cross country skiing. You will not regret it as it is a complete sport that involves almost every muscle from ankles all the way u to your shoulders. It is also considered one of the best exercises for cardiovascular health. Through this sport, you can easily get back into shape.


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