Skiing and Cricket: Which Is More Popular?

FasterSkierMarch 20, 2022

As more Indians continue to show interest in skiing, there are talks about whether skiing can overcome cricket in India.

Can Skiing Ever Overcome Cricket in Popularity?

India has good grounds for skiing, but the sport is still unfamiliar to most of its citizens. This lack of popularity can be because of the high costs of equipment, travel, or unavailability of good infrastructure. Nevertheless, skiing is popular in several places across all Himalayan states, including Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. While the country has ski resorts, only a handful are worth considering to the serious ski enthusiast.

Conversely, cricket is one of India’s most popular sports; many Indians even see it more as a religion than a sport and now consider IPL betting online to make some money. Cricket fans will leave what they’re doing aside and focus on a cricket match. Indians don’t only watch the game on TV; the young and old play crickets on the streets, actively showcasing their love for the game.

Where is Skiing Most Popular in India?

Although skiing is not more popular than cricket, it is more popular than some other sports like snowboarding. The country has many operators offering training courses and ski tour packages. India currently has fourteen locations where adventure freaks and ski enthusiasts can check out; the top three places are:

   1. Gulmarg

This is the seventh-best skiing location in Asia; it is located in the Baramulla district and offers an ideal site for offsite skiing. In Gulmarg, one of the most important things to do is skiing. Here, you can join other enthusiasts and enjoy this beautiful game while learning something you never knew.

   2. Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a premier skiing territory in India, with its enthralling views of snow-capped surroundings. The location offers ample opportunity for skiing and other winter sports, making it a popular skiing area for Indians and international adventurers.

   3. Solang

Solang has an outstanding snowy landscape with chilling weather, perfect for skiing. The place also hosts ski festivals every winter, inviting tourists from all over the world. You will meet people from other countries who share a similar sporting passion as yours when you are here. You can interact with them and get some helpful tips to help you play the game better.

Why is Cricket So Popular in India?

Undoubtedly, several games exist that gamers can play in India. However, if you’ve been around for a while, you must have discovered that cricket is a popular game among the old, middle-aged, and young. Cricket is popular in India for the following reasons:

  • Cricket is a simple game.

The game’s nature and form are straightforward; with only two players, a bat and a ball, the game begin off-field. Also, cricket doesn’t need much space; people can enjoy the sport even in India’s cramped streets.

  • There is good cricket infrastructure.

Unlike skiing, India has an impressive amount of cricket training and coaching centers where people learn and practice. Almost every Indian territory has at least one central stadium for cricket. Many of these stadia have been designed to meet international standards making the game more interesting.

  • Indians’ physical attribute

Indians generally have enough physical strength and attribute to play cricket competitively. Other sports like hockey and skiing require much physical strength and fitness that most Indians don’t have. Also, you do not expect the elderly in the country who ordinarily love cricket to get involved in skiing; they do not have the strength for it.

  • Profitable sport

Cricket in India can be easily cashed into money, one of the most prominent reasons for its popularity. Many Indians know different ways they can make supplemental income from cricket. One of such ways is through IPL betting, which allows players to predict the outcome of a cricket game and earn some cash.

Can Skiing Ever Trump Cricket in Popularity in India?

Skiing has the potential to gain popularity among Indians, no doubt, especially when there is awareness. But the chances that it will ever trump cricket in popularity is highly unlikely. Indians don’t have the energy, skill, and fitness to do a sport as exerting as skiing. Also, the cost of ski equipment is higher than most can afford.

Combined, these reasons make it unlikely that skiing can ever be more popular than cricket in India. Moreover, cricket has been a prominent sport in India for the longest time possible; skiing has a long way to catch up. Nevertheless, skiing has the potential to become a popularly-played sport in the country, especially since it has the grounds for it.


Cricket is one of India’s most played sports professionally and casually. Almost every Indian, young and old, knows how to play the sport – even if they don’t know it. On the other hand, skiing is still a foreign subject to most of India’s citizens. While it has the potential to get popular, the chance of it overcoming cricket in popularity is low.

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