Why CBD is the perfect post-skiing recovery tool

FasterSkierMarch 27, 2022
Recreational classic. (Photo: Phillip Belena)

CBD appears to be all the rage right now and for good reason. This cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant has been shown to effectively provide relief from a variety of medical conditions including pain, inflammation, anxiety and even cancer. But what about using CBD for post-skiing recovery? Well, it turns out that this is another thing that can be helped with the use of CBD and it might just be what many ski enthusiasts need to help speed up the recovery process after hitting the slopes. Keep reading as we explore why CBD is the perfect post-skiing recovery tool.

What is CBD and how to use it?

CBD is one of the main active ingredients in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not induce any psychoactive effects however, it offers many medical benefits. This has made CBD one of the most popular forms of holistic treatment for a variety of medical conditions including pain, inflammation, mental health conditions, eating disorders and even cancer related illnesses. There are also many ways to consume CBD and the most popular methods include dry herb vaporizers, edibles, topicals and tinctures, and you can check out Smoke Cartel to learn more. With so much innovation in the cannabis industry thanks to technology, there is now a consumption method suitable for everyone.

How can skiers benefit from CBD?

Whether you are a professional skier or someone who enjoys skiing as a hobby, there is no denying that you are very likely to experience bodily pain and inflammation at some point. This is because skiing is physically demanding and often leaves skiers feeling inflamed with sore muscles. CBD is a great form of recovery treatment because of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that work to help soothe tired muscles. That means that any pain you might be feeling in your muscles or joints, won’t require the use of any over the counter pharmaceutical drugs, instead, you can consume CBD which is 100% natural and effective at providing relief. This is important for all skiers because it will help recover muscles quicker which will put you back on the ski slopes sooner rather than later. For this purpose, it is recommended that topicals are used which can be applied directly onto the skin’s surface for targeted pain relief. CBD can also improve circulation and reduce inflammation which is also important for recovery. If you don’t want to use topicals, you can consume CBD in many other ways including the popular dry herb vaporizer which is a battery powered device that heats dry herbs until vapour is formed. This method of consumption is considered safer than smoking because there is no combustion involved, however, if you would like to avoid inhalation altogether, a healthier and safer option would be to consume edibles or tinctures.

Apart from reducing pain and inflammation naturally, CBD is also non addictive and does not produce any “high” that is commonly associated with marijuana consumption. This means that you can consume it any time during the day, even before you hit the slopes. In case of any doubt that you might still be carrying, it’s good to know that CBD is something used by many athletes in the sports industry. In fact, many have come out and endorsed the use of CBD for recovery and some have even started their own CBD businesses and brands. There are no health risks associated with cannabis consumption and the only side effects that you might experience includes dizziness, nausea, headaches, sleepiness and fatigue. This is something that is aggravated when CBD is consumed while you’re consuming other forms of medication or when you drink alcohol.

Cannabis is no longer this negative demon drug that everyone stigmatized. Thanks to new information and being embraced by the media, perceptions of cannabis have shifted. CBD has also helped usher in this new perception because people are now starting to understand the health benefits associated with consuming CBD. For skiers, those benefits include anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties which are helpful during the recovery process. The best way to consume cannabis for this purpose would be topically because this allows for targeted pain relief and is a safe and healthy way to consume cannabis.


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