Cross-Country Skiing In Norway

FasterSkierMay 22, 2022
Crowds line the storied tracks at the Holmenkollen during the women’s 30 k classic. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Each country has a specific activity that its citizens regularly enjoy. That’s what makes a particular country unique, among other things. The most popular activity depends on the surroundings and weather conditions. That’s why popular places such as Los Angeles have millions of surfing enthusiasts. It’s what people living in those areas have chosen as the most exciting activity.

When it comes to Norway, people enjoy a broad range of entertaining activities. While there are many who enjoy playing games at the best casino, others prefer some outdoor activities as another appealing way to have fun. It all depends on one type of person to another. Some might prefer the adrenaline-inducing casino games, but it’s not something that everyone cherishes. For example, cross-country skiing is an activity that’s specifically popular in Norway. This article will address why that’s the case and it’ll share a couple of tips for cross-country skiing beginners.

Therese Johaug races in front of a home crowd during the 30 k classic at the Holmenkollen. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Why Is It Popular?

Norway is unique in one way. It has long winters and it’s covered in snow for a long period throughout the year. In an effort to explore nature and enjoy fresh air, cross-country skiing became a signature activity that everyone’s practicing. It’s a unique experience that has turned into a popular sport. As people started accepting it, the activity turned into a traditional sport, much like tennis and football are in Britain. In fact, it’s so appealing that many bet on competitors in various tournaments, much like people do with tennis tournaments. If all this sounds appealing to you, keep reading to learn all the basics about the sport.

The Basics to Consider

At a first glance, cross-country skiing looks easy. However, it’s not that simple. There are several things to get right in order to learn to do it. Like with any other sport, practice helps. With enough dedication, persistence, and knowledge, you can enjoy the popular Nordic activity. Here are the crucial basics to keep in mind:

  • Understanding skiing styles – The first thing to learn is that there are two types of cross-country skiing. Those are the classic and skate styles. Classic is the beginner-friendly version. Skis remain parallel to one another and you use the sticks to propel yourself forward. On the other hand, skate is more complex. You need to create a V shape with your skis, and you ski as if you were walking.
  • Knowing what’s the right equipment – Each skiing style requires different types of equipment. Plus, your level of expertise will have some impact on making the choice as well. For example, beginners who are interested in classic style need to get skis that exceed their height by 10 centimeters. Furthermore, skis should be wax-free, making them a bit slower. That way, the learner has much more control when starting.
  • Beginner-friendly locations – The only way to learn something new is to pick the right starting point. In this case, picking the terrain is crucial. You want something that can challenge you, but that you can overcome. That’s why flat and wide areas with gentle hills are the best starting point.

Learning about these essentials is simple. It takes a little bit of reading, and you’ll then be free to completely enjoy learning skiing.

Where Can You Enjoy Cross-Country Skiing?

Cross-country skiing trails are only one of the many reasons why people visit Norway. Still, it remains a powerful one for adventurers who want to explore all the beauty that the country offers. Once you become an experienced cross-country skier, you should pick one of the following trails.

  • Lillehammer, Oppland – The 300-kilometer long trail takes its skiers to mountains, forests, and summits.
  • Setesdal, Aust-Agder – The length of this trail is 170 kilometers. It’s one of the most beginner-friendly picks on our list.
  • Telemark – Another trail that is suitable for beginners. Its length of 120 kilometers says more than enough. The trail features amazing sights.
  • Valdres, Oppland – This 320-kilometer trail’s trademark are the breathtaking views that you can witness. It’s one of the best trails that you can find in Norway.
  • Oslo – You’ll find the best looking trail right next to the capital of Norway. It’s beginner-friendly and is 500 kilometres long.


As you can see, cross-country skiing in Norway is a popular sport. It’s no wonder because of the weather conditions. Plus, other forms of skiing are also popular. It’s interesting to see how a geographical location and weather conditions can affect people’s taste for sports. Cross-country skiing is the perfect example, as it’s specific for the Nordic countries.

Bio: James Collins is an iGaming enthusiast with a love for outdoor activities. When he’s not writing about the iGaming industry, he’s outside with his friends having fun playing sports. Skiing is one of the most appealing activities that he enjoys.


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