6 Ski Resorts You Can Visit In Summer

FasterSkierJuly 13, 2022

Despite the fact that all the major ski competitions and sporting events usually take place in winter, there is no reason to give up skiing in summer. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to fly to the North Pole to go skiing, instead you can easily combine beach vacation with the winter sport. In case you don’t believe us, now we would like to share with you 6 places with the best ski resorts to visit during the summer time.

  1. Dubai, UAE

This country is well-known for its hot climate, however, in addition to sandy beaches and vast deserts you can find a lot of unusual things there, including a ski resort. Perhaps this particular ski resort can be called one of the most unusual ones in the world since it is located in the largest shopping center – Dubai Mall, which covers an area of more than 2 square hectares. The center has five ski slopes of different levels of complexity and even an actual funicular. Therefore, it is a great place to spend vacation to combine skiing and enjoy sunbathing on the beach at the same time.

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  1. Oukaimeden, Morocco

Among the sandy deserts and palm trees the ski resort in Morocco looks really exotic. Adventurers of new thrills can safely go on vacation in Morocco to conquer the peak of the Atlas Mountains, whose height is up to 4000 meters. The slopes vary in difficulty categories, from ordinary amateurs to professionals.

  1. Hintertux, Austria

Hintertux is one of those resorts that are open all year round. In Austria you won’t find sandy beaches with warm sea, but you can enjoy skiing as well as in winter. This place is great for professionals and for those who are just doing their first steps in skiing. For snowboarders, there is also a snow park, where everyone can learn freestyle or just have a good time walking among the mountain peaks. This place is also a favorite spot for many ski teams, they used to hold summer training camps in Austria, so don’t miss the chance to meet your favorite skier.

  1. Le Des Alpes, France

Le Des Alpes is home of the largest ski glacier in the French Alps. With plenty of steep runs, every year it brings ski and snowboard teams together to master their techniques. However, because the sun warms harder in the summer than in the winter, ski trips here are usually held only until 2 p.m. in order to have good snow conditions.

  1. Strun, Norway

Among all the ski resorts in Northern Europe, Strun is considered the most famous one, it is located in Norway and is open all year round. In summer, in addition to skiing, tourists can go hiking on one of the mountain peaks. For the fans of camping there is a special place on the plain, where it is allowed to set up tents to admire the breathtaking view of the mountains.

  1. Perisher, Australia

Australia can be characterized by a hot and arid climate. Although summer can last all year round, snow falls for a long time in June and July. Typically when it rains all over Australia, it snows in the mountains region. Several ski resorts are located in this country however the most famous and biggest one is Perisher, which lies in the southeastern, mountainous part of Australia. This place is very popular among fans of skiing, as the number of slopes here is 50, among which 6 are made specifically for snowboarding.

We do hope that the above information can help to choose the best place to go skiing during the summer and wish you a pleasant vacation!



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