9 Tips on How You Can Make Your Family Ski Holidays Better

FasterSkierSeptember 30, 2022

Time is the most precious thing you can gift your family. Hence, even when you are busy with your professional and work commitments you need to take some time out to be with your loved ones and family. Holidays are the best time when you can be with your loved ones and therefore you need to look for ways to spend quality time with your family. Choosing a ski trip for your holiday is unique in many ways. Hence, you can look for the best ski holidays that you can find that meet your requirements, expectations and budget.

Today, you can find many travel agencies and companies that can provide you with ski trip packages. With professional support and assistance, you can find answers to all your queries and doubts, if you have any. Also, you can look for the best ski trip packages that suit or are customized to your needs.

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Now that  you have the best holiday booked for your family, its time to check other things.

Choosing the Right Accommodation

When you are opting for your family ski holidays you need to focus on how you can choose the right ski resorts. Instead of going with the trends and choosing the most popular resorts and chalets you need to focus on what’s important for your family. The area of the resort must be suitable for all members of the family. If there is excess snow it can become harder for the kids or beginner adults to tackle the slope and the cold weather. Choose resorts that are tailored for beginners and families as they cater to this group. If your kids are new to skiing choose smaller resorts that offer beginner slopes and smaller runs to gain more confidence.

Focus on the Transfer Time

Not all ski resorts are well-connected to the airport and hence you would want to rely on the resort transfer services that can pick you and your family from the airport and drop you at the airport. However, when you are traveling with kids you need to look for resorts that don’t have a long transfer time. This would help you reduce your transfer and travel time and focus more on spending quality time at the resort. Also, you need to focus on the distance between the ski resort and the skiing area as that can make a difference.

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Packing the Right Clothes and Gear

If you have ever been to a ski resort you will notice that most people dine at night time in ski gear and clothes. Hence, not many people focus on fashionable clothing because of the weather. However, you need to ensure that you pack the right clothes that would allow you and your family to be comfortable and warm. You can pack plenty of long sleeve tops and ski socks and gloves and caps that would help you and your kids to stay warm. Layering is important when you are heading to ski destinations and therefore you need to pack the right way.

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Evaluate the Food Choices

When you are traveling with a family, especially during a holiday or Christmas season you need to take care of the food choices of all in the family. This is critical to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Hence, you need to book resorts that offer restaurants and cafes that offer the best cuisine you can order. If you want the best experiences you can book a chalet where you can enjoy breakfast and meals prepared by the chalet staff. You can find some great chalet properties in France, Italy and Switzerland. This would allow the adults to take a break from the routine of cleaning and cooking and enjoy their ski trip.

Focus on Ski Equipment Rentals

Choose ski resorts and locations that can provide you with ski equipment rental options. With this, you can cut down on your luggage space and weight and allow you to travel a bit lighter. Various resort ski shops can help you choose your equipment ahead of time and that way you don’t have to get in a line at the shop. Various resorts can deliver your ski equipment to your room or chalet. This can help you save time for a nominal fee that you need to pay for getting equipment on rent.

Book Resorts with Childcare Services

When you are going on a ski trip with your family you would also want to make the most of the time as an adult. Hence, you need to search for properties and ski resorts that offer childcare services. This provides a perfect opportunity for adults to spend quality time without having to worry about their kids. Together you can enjoy spa and sauna facilities and even enjoy romantic meals as the childcare services will take care of your child.

Find and Hire a Locker

Carrying your children’s skis and boots in cold weather can ruin your holiday experiences. Hence, you need to look for a locker that you can find close to the lifts. This would allow you to store the skis and boots in the locker and move around freely.  Various ski resorts would have the option to book a locker where you can store all the ski equipment which would save time and effort as you focus more on spending quality holiday time.

Get the Right Instructor

When you want your kids to learn skiing skills you need to look out for expert ski instructors that can guide your children the right way. As parents, this can also help you get some free time to enjoy skiing without having to worry about kids as they learn their skiing lessons. Finding the best instructor would allow your child how to respect the slope and the geography and use various facilities and amenities the right way. This can take the pressure off you to help your child learn skiing.

Look Beyond Skiing

Many families book ski resorts and chalets not because they know or are passionate about skiing but because they want to experience it. Even if you love skiing during the holiday season you would want to think beyond skiing. Hence, you need to look for resorts and destinations that offer options that your family can use to spend most of the day. For this, you can look for resorts that offer dog-sleigh rides, berry-picking and ice fishing activities. You can also focus on the after-skiing options popularly known as après ski. Various resorts are close to villages that offer a great experience during the holiday season.








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