(Press Release) Registration Now Open for Yellowstone Ski Festival Clinics

FasterSkierSeptember 14, 2022
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Press Release

Come and join West Yellowstone’s professional coaching staff to get a “jump start” on your 2022 – 2023 ski season
during the Yellowstone Ski Festival, November 22-26, 2022.


The staff provides a solid understanding of cross country fundamentals, and gives you the tools and drills to gain efficiency and strength at the camp and throughout your ski season. The coaching staff is composed of an elite group of XC ski professionals which includes retired world class skiers, coaches and professional instructors. The coaches know that the best way to ingrain effective movement is through practice. You’ll also get feedback, in the dose that’s right for you. While some just need a new focus and mileage, others benefit from a more consistent stream of information about whether and how much they’re performing the task to the desired degree. The coaches know how to pace the flow of information, and offer up a great balance of new information, drills, and practice.


Some of the special offerings include:
● 5-day Skate & Classic XC Fundamentals for Performance
● 3-day Skate & Classic XC Fundamentals for Performance
● 2-day Skate & Classic “Tune up”
● 1-day Improve Your Skate Technique
● 1-day Improve Your Classic Technique


Enjoy your First Tracks in West Yellowstone. Whether First Tracks truly means the corduroy and you, or
it is the first time on skis this season, or the first time on skis period; you are invited to take them at the
Yellowstone Ski Festival. Think Snow and make plans now to attend the 2021 Yellowstone Ski Festival.
For more information, http://www.skirunbikemt.com/master-clinics.html and follow us on our Facebook page
(@RendezvousSkiTrails) or Instagram (YellowstoneSkiFest) for up-to-minute news.


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