A Happy Holiday: North American Skiers Finding Snowy Trails

John TeafordNovember 24, 2022


Silverstar, BC, November 2022: early snow makes for a happy holiday. (photo: Gerry Furseth/FasterSkier)

In the west, snow has been falling for some weeks, and consistently low temperatures (and no significant rain) have allowed western skiers to enjoy early snow. West Yellowstone, Steamboat, Grand Mesa, Breckenridge, Devil’s Thumb—just to name a few—have all been seeing snowy trails and smiling skiers. And it sounds like a storm is headed for Leavenworth, WA and the Methow Valley.

Silverstar, BC is snow-covered and open for business, with teams soon to arrive from other parts of Canada and the States: University of Colorado, University of Denver, BSF Pro Team, Montana State University, Dartmouth College, Stratton Mountain School, Green Mountain Valley School, and many more. Plenty of team jackets soon to be out there on the trails.

North American eastern venues are also open for this Holiday week:  Craftsbury, Rikert, Lake Placid, and others. We haven’t heard skiers reporting from Mt. Ste. Anne yet, but there’s just gotta be snow that far north, as well as up in Presque Isle and Fort Kent. Eastern cross country centers that feature snow-making definitely have the advantage at this time of year, but temperatures have begun dropping and heavy rains seem to have held off. Snow is coming soon to a trail near you . . .

November snow along the Madison River, West Yellowstone, Montana. (photo: FasterSkier)

John Teaford

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