US Ski and Snowboard 2023-23 World Cup Criterion Announcement

Chris GroverMay 23, 2023


Dear Cross Country Community,


The 2023-24 Cross Country World Cup Selection Criterion has been approved by the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Sport

Committee and can be found here:

A few notes about the updated criterion and the Canmore and Minneapolis World Cups:

  • We have removed the criteria that allows for an athlete ranked in the top-50 WC Overall to proceed to the next period of World Cup. The athlete must be ranked in the top-30 (women) or top-40 (men) in either the distance cup or the sprint cup to be selected to ensure that the athlete is strong enough in a particular discipline to occupy a valuable start quota position.


Canmore and Minneapolis World Cups

  • The USA has a max quota of 12 men and 12 women per race in Canmore & Minneapolis.
    • 2 of these 12 athletes must be U23s or younger.
    • Athletes will qualify either for sprints or distance races or both.
    • We’ll likely have over 30 unique USA athletes in each venue.
    • SuperTour leaders can start every race (must be included in the 12).
  • Final entries (specific athlete and staff names) are due 2 weeks prior to Canmore.
    • We can’t back out of rooms without financial penalty inside 2 weeks.
    • We pay per person (not room) 125 CHF/day/person double occupancy.
    • It is possible to live at home in Minneapolis. I need to know way in advance.  Preliminary entries, without names but including specific room numbers, are due 8 weeks in advance.
  • As Team USA, we’ll work as one big coaching, service, and medical team.
    • Group size will likely be close to 60 persons. Communication and advance planning will be imperative!
    • We’ll circulate important health protocols prior to travel that we need every athlete and staff member to follow closely to protect your ability to ski to your potential.
    • Athletes are required to race in a U.S. Ski Team race suit. We’ll provide them.
    • This is going to be an incredible opportunity to showcase our talented athletes on our home stage and will be really fun.
    • Questions?  +1 435 640 8545


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