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The Devon Kershaw Show: The 2021 Ruka Recap with Guest Sadie Maubet Bjornsen

We’re back with this week’s episode of the Devon Kershaw Show! Devon and FasterSkier’s Nat Herz break down the World Cup’s exciting season-opening weekend of racing in Finland, along with a special guest: U.S. Olympian Sadie Maubet Bjornsen, who retired in the spring. The trio breaks down Ruka’s frigid temperatures, legit results from North American racers, Frida Karlsson’s surprising victory over Therese Johaug, and some Russian men’s distance domination — with the inevitable aside about...

After considering a ski's flex and structure, wax is critical to having good skis in cold conditions. The most basic aspect to cold waxing is that the base needs to be hardened a lot. This means that it needs a couple layers of a very hard glide wax such as LF Blue ironed in. This both makes the skis faster as well as makes the wax job more durable.